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  1. It will shake !!! Currently i have a hard time finding time slot to pump up the volume.... In fact I never saw more than 3 led on my M1.0T ... Hoping to see at least 5 ! Must remember they are two.
  2. Sorry no mpg... But i just RE Listen a Yes LP (Fragile) Awsome... aT fIRST it is like a wall of mud. rock stuff ( sorry ) But, it seem it was volontary, then some vocals and a piano solo... At some point the soundstage explode and before and after it was very thin soundstage. Then I've heard some storm sound that were way behind my walls and further... This vinyl recording is a very good testing program. A piano scession and a guitar solo that will make you cry... Try it, but don't stop at the first program...
  3. It look like i will end up with this task if the wind didn't change... ( I have 2 inverting...) A diagnostic sequence and an MKII procedure for the M1.0T inverting... The winter will not be long enough ?
  4. Yes, right in Montreal currently, but i am heading a little upper north in the Laurentian mountain soon. Right on the Canadian Shield bedrock... As you can see, i love concrete : )
  5. J-P Stereo

    J-P Stereo's

    Onkyo DVS-501 CD/DVD, Denon DA-500 DA Conv, Technics SP-25 (Sparta arm, Pickering VX15/650E cart) TT, Carver C1 pre, 2x Carver M1.0t vertically bi-amping a pair of Paradigm 11se MkIII plus a 3A Triphonic 1200 active sub table and a JVC SU-A30 surround generator feeding a side pair of Paradigm 7se MkIII. Next: a Carver TFM-15 waiting for an active crossover to tweet both 11se MkIII horizontally.
  6. Thanks everybody !!! So, i figure i must respond to one of the first enquiries... Here is a photo of my current setup, before BillD & MKII upgrade.
  7. Thank you for the answer ! Nobody have to work unless it's necessary... By the way, anyone ever studied the difference between the two beast ? I figure that the troobleshooting sequence are the same but we must adapt to some difference in the circuits. It will be helpfull to know if there is any difference in term of block diagram. ( I have two inverting...)
  8. I've been lurking around here for a few months. But i will be more active from now on because i am aligning several equipment reworks. I have a C1 to BillD, 2x M1.0T to upgrade to MKII and a TFM15 to refresh... This is a few months of spare time already programmed. I will gladly contribute if able and have the intention to help whenever able. As of now it's a fantastic community from what i saw. Cheers and Sounds !
  9. Hi, is there any hope for such guide for the M1.0T Inverting ??? Or the differences are not that big ??? Thank you very much, i will take one anyway !
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