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  1. Here is a shot of the 400's big brother. Custom chassis, lighting etc.etc etc..... Show's what you can do to your 400 (And dig another 100 wpc out of it). Just finished this one for a gent an hour ago....
  2. Could be the ground going to the meters, or, there are a couple resistors and a couple diodes which are on the light board. These boards are USUALLY in pretty rough shape after 40 years. White Oak Audio Design has all the items to get that amp back into safe operable condition. The rest of the amp is probably in need of some updating ie.... DC Protection circuit, new bulk caps, new back planes, new control board..... They basically are ticking time bombs unless updated. They weren't made to last forever for sure. And when they fail...... Better have some eye protection on. Maybe a cup too
  3. It's probably the light board where the meter inputs run through it. I doubt that both meters went bad. They are pretty reliable. If somebody has been dorking around inside, that's probably it. Look at the schematic, probably an easy fix. Don't disassemble the meters or "Blow" on them or use canned air on them.
  4. Do the White Oak Audio upgrades to your amps with the DC Protection board and you won't need the fuses.
  5. Since I finished that one (And i'm glad it showed up in excellent condition) I have a new IR eye-ball and jack. The jack will mount on the back and the eyeball will mount anywhere you want since the wire is 3 feet long. The "antenna-magnet". works but is not perty at all. But, I like it because it folds down and hides like an old car. But, all in All, that pre turned out friggin awesome.... It was an enormous amount of work but the sound is THERE. I hope you enjoy it.... The work it took to get the spooge off the board was never ending. And, the switches had taken a beating and were bleeding goo.... I have another C-1 (in anthracite) in the que which I will do the same for. but I have a few builds ahead of it.
  6. I use the bulbs with 3 wattage settings (30-60-100) in my DBT for use on Large amps (100Watt) to smaller pre's and such (30-60watt).
  7. DON'T lube your meters..... Yer asking for trouble (or more trouble). The movements can be cleaned properly and restored back to a normal working condition if they are sticking. The movements are touchy and applying lube will cause them to attract more scuzz (that's a technical term ). I have had good luck with careful disassembly and service. Also, do NOT USE any type of compressed air.... No.... no
  8. I'm south of you just outside of Sierra Vista, let me know if you need some help. Welcome aboard. Perry
  9. what do you think about the 4000t as a match for the tube amp?
  10. Congrat's on the medals guys, keep up the outstanding work. Perry
  11. I bought one a while back, not bad but not as good as the real thing. BUT, who can afford a nice Microscope?
  12. When I sit down to "Listen", I prefer my analog (Albums) because of the sound. When I'm working, which is usually always, I go with the IPOD since I don't have to drop what I'm doing to switch. I don't even own a CD player but have a pile of CD's. Somebody gave me a NICE Sony Reel to Reel... What the hell should I do with that behemoth???
  13. Dang, I'm here in Zona and didn't hear that yet.... RIP JM Hero for sure.
  14. Every time I sell mine, I end up building another... Yes, it's a sickness my friend
  15. I have my 4000t I built a while back. It's in my system now
  16. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! That 4000t is in VERY NICE CONDITION. And it was double boxed and arrived in Super Condition. Thanks Tushar I love it. Can't wait to do some stuff to her. I got parts on order (more Bi-Polar caps, and some Cardas Audio RCA's since I'm going to try to retrofit the C-1/C11 RCA plates which will run about $300 for just the RCA's), hopefully there is enough room since the boards mount kinda tight. But, I think I can do it. Add remote volume.... and a + and - 12 volt power supply board... Hell yeah...... I may have to sell my upgraded 4000t just to pay for the customization of this one........ Thanks again Perry
  17. Bonzoro

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    I have all my Polaroids in a shoe box under the bed.
  18. OK, I just wanted to make sure I didn't Fat-Finger something....
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