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  1. wow, that's awesome, shipping was quick. It looks great! Good luck with the restore and keep us posted.
  2. Hi Rob, you got it and congrats!!! PM your address. I got another medal, woohoo! thanks!
  3. I inherited this Phase Linear 3000 preamp from a local repair shop that closed earlier this year. I wanted to pass it along to someone who needs the parts or wants to try and repair it. Preferably someone with Phase Linear gear and repair experience. I dont know if it works , or anything about functionality. The cover plate screws were missing and i found some temp replacements that work to hold the covers on. All the knobs and buttons are there and the faceplate looks good, cosmetically in decent shape. I did plug it in and some of the lights lit up, I think it was t
  4. wow dude! thank you very much, i am good to go for another year now..🤪
  5. Thank you all very much!!! I need to come by here more often. You are the best! "The needle and the damage done", lol thats a good one..
  6. Nice gear, bet those Polk speakers sound great. What kind of music you listen to?
  7. Got a new amp today M500t, really sounds great with my Polks. Selected this one from the recommendations from some of the other forum members. Seems its quite popular and I can see why. Noticed a great bass punch right off the bat, with more detail, overall pleasing to listen to. This amp is a winner! I popped the hood and had to check out the electronics, everything looks ok, but I took some pics. Thanks to everyone, more pics to follow. Now I am already thinking about having the upgrades done. Vinylnut. my file sizes are too large to post the other pics now.
  8. Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I love the vinyl sound and CD too, mostly listen to classic rock. Dont own a IPod, yet. I like the sound of the Carver amps with my Polk SDA 1c, seems to be a good match. "musical indeed" is what I heard...
  9. Howdy, new member here from Georgia. Found this site a few months ago when I was trying to decide on a new amp. Wasnt happy with the old one at all and after research here got a TFM-35X and it sounds great. So good in fact I decided to do some more research and decided to buy another Carver amp. Just bought a M500t today, hope to get hooked up later today. Will report back with some pics too I hope. Already planning some mods on the m500t, love those blue LEDs. Glad to be here, great audio forum!
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