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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Assembeld-Remote-volume-board-HIFI-preamp-motor-ALPS-100K-potentiometer/322102761959?hash=item4afed219e7:g:L9YAAOSw2x1XMI-f
  2. Apologies - I assumed memes were pictures. Are memes “jokes”? Or do we need a specific thread for memes?
  3. Skrillex - Fu@k That. Skip to about the 1:25 mark (ridiculous long intro). The bass on this track is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Also Deadmau5 - Ghosts and Stuff, Nero remix:
  4. My son found this SACD buried at the local used music store the other day. As a somewhat passive Elton fan, I must admit that I’ve never even heard of the album, even though I own a couple of his SACDs. I’ve always found the quality of his recordings passable, but far from reference - until this one. As soon as it started playing, I knew we were on to something special. It has that “air” about it - you know what I’m talking about, the sound just explodes into the room, the speakers disappear, and you’re THERE... As soon as we finished playing it, I went on eBay and ordered my own c
  5. I used up the roll I bought (10’) between myself and several members here:-) it’s cheap though - $40. https://www.mcmaster.com/felt-weatherstripping/material~fabric/width~1/thickness~1-2/
  6. Welcome aboard, Bill. I’m glad to have another vinyl non-enthusiast around here, lol - strictly SACD, DVDA and FLAC for me (it’s as much about my laziness as it is sound quality!)
  7. Me - “Siri - Tell me the formula for nitrogen oxide” Siri - “NO”
  8. I am not familiar with that receiver model #, but if it has relays, they are very likely a potential distortion cause. Relay failures usually manifest at lower volumes, and sometimes completely resolve when volume is increased, only to resurface next time the unit is powered on. oh, and welcome aboard! Glad you found us!
  9. I hope I’m never in a position to have to make the choice, lol. However, I’m pretty sure I would rack the slide...
  10. Like all professionals, he changes mags before he runs empty and locks the slide open:-)
  11. Europeans when they hear a noise at 2am: Americans when they hear a noise at 2am:
  12. Yea, I know... At the time it was released Cuomo was the darling of the left, and I toyed with reading it then. However, I think it will be an intriguing read now, with all the new revelations unfolding. I seriously wonder if portions of this book may be used against him in future prosecutions....?
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