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    We're STILL #1, but a few contenders have poked up recently
  2. RichP714

    Favorite Quotes

    "Torque is what you feel; Horsepower is how long you feel it" ~ Randy Probst
  3. From the guys that brought you 'Oh Yeah' , Funny how they still look like they did in the 80's
  4. NBR foam, low density, closed cell, would be even better than EVA, but I can't seem to find any in 5mmX2mm tape form. Tidbit: while I was looking at youtubes on what opther people are doing for 1/16 scale RC car tire foam, I found this oddity..........
  5. Wendy got us some KN95 masks back in March; they are the single use, disposable kind, but the markup was high enough that i wanted to extend their use. 1. The laminations tend to separate after a few days, this was solved by applying waterproof medical tape (walmart) along the edges, keeping them from separating. 2. There was no nose bridge to form the filter around the nose, air leaking around the nose is not good. a. a rectangular loop of 18gauge wire taped to the outside of the mask works very well; the wire is too stiff to comfortably mold to your nose by force, while its on; it's much better to form fit the piece with needle nose pliers, it holds the shpae you form very wqell and doesn't leak at all b. adhesive backed nose pieces (ebay) work as well as built in strips (not as good as 18gauge wirfe, but more flexible wso you can fdrm them while on your face) 3. applioed EVA foam (2mm thick, 5mm wide) around the filter area. works great, lasts much longer
  6. It seems that most people (after they have learned otherwise), forget that c doesn't stand for the speed of light, it stands for causality. Imagine two Non causally associated particles (or portions of the inflaton field if that's the way you roll) at either side of the nascent universe. If the big bang happened very roughly 14 billion light years ago, the edges are now very roughly 28 billion light years apart, so the one particle has been traveling twice the speed of light relative to the other. 2c= FTL. More locally (and a bit of a cheat) is Cherenkov radiation (/tʃəˈrɛŋkɒf/; Russian: Черенков) is electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle (such as an electron) passes through a dielectric medium at a speed greater than the phase velocity of light in that medium, which happens all the time and also is FTL.
  7. Electrolytic capacitors degrade over time. They degrade fastest when no forming voltage is applied (out of circuit, just sitting in storage). While you can still purchase viable NOS semiconductor devices, the same can't be said of electrolytics; it's much better to purchase when needed rather than storing for the future
  8. A good example of headline manipulation; start with a falsehood that most people can agree on (that Einstein says you can't), then pretend to be teaching them something the've heard since grade school, but have probably forgotten. Pandering to expectation bias; It's not just for politics
  9. My passion, mid 80's, was 1/10 scale offroad 4WD; back then, a heat was only 3 minutes, but it was an extremely exciting 3 minute battle where you try to put yourself mentally in the cockpit of the tiny thing. Lots of maintenance involved, and expense, but very very fun.
  10. There are severak 'levels' of quadcopter; the easiest ones to fly have PID controllers in them that stabilize flight characteristics. The ones that I can fly are very vbasic; they auto hover, default to a hover if the controls are left alone, and try to stbly fly wherever the pilot 'guides; them. Theses are the easiest to fly, but hardest to race; since the PID controller is really nursing everything along, the pilot inputs are in addition to the PID inputs, so quick direction changes or altitude changes are hnot possible; at a certain level (which doesn't include me) the PID is fighting the pilot. The middle of the road ones usually have a learning mode, and a 'rate' mode' or whatever the brand caqlls it. That's what you're seeing in Drone races, and in these freestyle flights i posted by QuadMover; the sticks are the only input, and the tilt is not limited, so you can do all manner of aerobatics; MUCH more difficult to even fly level and straight though; this guys is very highly skilled.
  11. Last night Wendy needed a bit of electrical tape, I told her 'middle drawers, third shelf in the bathroom', to which she replied "I bet you're the only one in the world who keeps electrical tape in the bathroom"
  12. It does look like that; he's just using shorthand to tell you he took a standard 5 inch frame, stuck twelve battery packs to it, used 5 blade rotors and high amperage speed controllers and high kv motors. His reaction time is AMazing in these videos, and he makes it look easy. I bet it would induce heavy nausea is he put a video camera in his quad
  13. 12s on 5inch full flight | movr5r9 et2306 865kv r38 hqprop 12s650 95c
  14. RichP714


    It may not be a cure, but it might be a solution .....
  15. I think you will enjoy it. In the Vinyl days, they were very well known for putting out work that had a dynaqmic range below the noise floor. Their CD tracks are recorded the way they should be (no loudness wars with compression). Here's a screenshot of the trqack above; you can see that the average level is much lower than most modern recordings; that's so as not to end up clipping the dynamic peaks. Most of their discography makes great use of extended dynamics, and it's very satisfying to hear properly recorded music.
  16. Not to harp on Shadowfax (although I don't think any of them played the Harp), but check out the tasty syncopation and stick attack on this one Shadowfax - 01 The Firewalker
  17. Puscifer – Apocalyptical
  18. Sci-Fi Short Film “Plurality" | DUST
  19. RichP714

    Favorite Pictures

    My Daughter's (Flute and Oboe) high School band went Virtual for their Spring Concert (must have been a lot of work to synchronize)
  20. Epistemic Responsibility
  21. Gravity's Angel (Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel) some bottomless bass in this one
  22. Laurie Anderson - Same Time Tomorrow
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