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  1. If your a TP fan, this is a great live album. Sadly they only released it on vinyl, which I own. But, I would love a digital copy (car music) I do not have the means to take from vinyl to digital. Does anyone have a digital copy of this? Paul
  2. I'm about 1-1/2 hours east (Asheville) bad times in G'burg. Once again I understand it was arson from fires set in the Great Smokey's I've had fires all around both in the Lake Lure area, about 10 miles away and then in Pisgah National about 20 miles away. The firemen both local and from all over the country have been here a while trying to contain, and now I understand they've moved to Gatlinburg to help. Air quality has been poor at best with lots of very smokey days. We just got a nice day long rain, and more expected today. Hoping the rain helps Gatlinburg too
  3. I've considered this unit as a fun and inexpensive way to play around. Tube Pre Of course I have a few tube pre's still laying around that are soon to find their way to my system now that winter is rolling into town and I'm forced inside.
  4. I own 2 Nexus 7's and have owned several Nexus phones and have had almost no issues. The 2 issues I had were hardware related, one was a headphone jack the other was the device died. Both were covered under warranty quickly. Just my .02
  5. Not In, but A great Karma (I own) Not been around, busy busy. Paul
  6. I own this one, but not actually tested the system. Hmmm, I need to do that this weekend
  7. Enjoying their latest. A clip from ACL
  8. Sweet! I too love the Maxell poster on the wall, very appropriate! (one day I am going to recreate that shot)
  9. Thank You Sir!, Sent you my address via your PM. Paul
  10. Oh that's funny. I misspelled replenishment on the first post, typed it on gmail at work and copied and pasted into the test on edit. Came out funny looking!
  11. I have this real bad problem of leaving electronics on top of my car and driving off after the run. Most of my long stuff is followed closely by the ever critical after run replenishment. ie: Beer while sitting in a lawn chair with my buddies. So I typically stay away from the really high dollar items But the hand held, or Phone would be stashed in my pack Very much leaning at this point to trying my phone. Either go to airplane mode or power off and only turn on when I need it. I am running Saturday in Tsali (close to Carverfest area) and plan on doing some experimentation while deep in the trails.
  12. Bean, yes Suuto are good devices. I use a Garmin 310xt, which gives me good battery life (12 ish hours) and easy to read screen. I also gave in the range of $200, which is a plus, as I have went through 4-5 gps units over the years I have been using. I pulled my own 50 miler last summer in celebration of my 50th. Ran the "bowl" of the Mtn to Sea trail down into and up out of Asheville. (Pisgah to Craggy) I have quite a few 50k and 40's under me and I too have my sights set on a 100 miler sometime this year. Signed up for death before DNF, because it was only $1.00 for the 100. Works the same Mtn ranges as a fair amount of my SB6K (The Black Mtns) These adventures go along with that semi-goal. I have been tinkering with BackCountry Navigation as I linked earlier. Works well on GPS only, but man will it suck a battery down. Assuming this is the GPS pinging real time to sat's. Works well enough that I could deal with this provided I only power up the cell phone on absolute need. AND take an extra battery for the phone. I do feel that longer outings justify the need for the hand held. But still testing
  13. B-Man, Thanks! Great info and my thoughts agree with yours. So far my opinion have been coming from inside my running community. with about a 50/50 on each. I though going outside that world to here might add some other thoughts. I am told this program allows maps to be stored on your android device, and the better of the many. BackCountry As far as packing a hand held, phone, etc. I run with and carry a pack, and there are many out there. Those packs stores a bunch of crap: water, food, salt, clothes, lights, camera in my case, and more. You have to decide what to carry based on what you intend to do naturally just to keep weight down. For these adventures I will also carry treking poles because it gets pretty technical in area's. Paul
  14. Thought I throw this out here for yet more opinions: One of the things occupying my time currently. I realize this is way off subject here. Anyone with experience and or knowledge on hand held GPS vs a Phone? Some background on my question. I am a long distance trail runner / adventure hiker with most of my outings lasting the day. This year one of my hit list items is to do SB6K, South Beyond 6000 SB6K This is my backyard and seems like a fun way to kill some time. Many of these peaks require some off trail bushwhacking to reach the true top. Several buddies and I plan to hit these as some training for other events. This year might involve some overnight running (not camping) Many of my long days involve some getting "lost". I am astute enough to find my way in the woods and not put myself or others in danger (yet) BUT I feel with my latest adventure I need a "insurance" policy due to some bushwhacking involved, Hence the question: Are phones (android) to the point of equal to a dedicated gps? Opinions?
  15. Congrats! Honestly I thought he was already......
  16. ++++ I hope to make some progress on my ultrasonic cleaner this week being off from work. I have several hundred albums that need cleaning
  17. As much as I would love another I already own a very nice (smoke free )TFM-45 Not In, But great Karma Guys!
  18. Thanks PDR! I am following suit with a diy using the china version off of Ebay (159). I had not seen your diy yet but this has expanded my thoughts on mine. Thanks to Dennis Miller for hyper linking me here. Another DIY for those interested. DIY Ultrasonic
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