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  1. Fortunately there was a good bit of rain the last 2 days of November and today on the news they said all the fires were out. Unfortunately, they also said the death toll was up to 7 people. I've lived in this part of the world for over 30 years now & I've never seen such a sudden sever drought. We had normal rainfall through early August then it just stopped raining and the temperatures were very high (7 record highs in a 14 day stretch the end of October). Conditions were just ripe for these fires, hope the catch the arsonists. Hangings too good for them.
  2. My parents had all those Kingston Trio albums and a couple more. Some of my earliest memories of recorded music. My brother ended up with all their albums but they can't be in very good condition by now.
  3. Joe puts on a hell of show. His acoustic stuff is good too.
  4. Love that one. I need to get more Gary Clark.
  5. Sorry he's having problems, I've really enjoyed his blues festivals, I've got several on Bluray. I'm only 60 and really feeling some old snow skiing, water skiing and motorcycling injuries. Got an appointment with an orthopedic in the morning! But I would do it all again.
  6. So tragic to learn that Kieth Emerson's death was by his on hand.
  7. But what about maintaining my muffler bearings? That's just as important!
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