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  1. Don’t know if there are any location restrictions for this great offering. I’ve not joined in on any ‘Karma’s’ before but my wife really enjoys KWS so this caught my attention. I’m In if allowed. Thank you.
  2. Trying to start a small collection of some classic (at least in my mind) stereo receivers to display and listen to in our living room. Really would like wood sided cabinets for the WAF. Have acquired my Marantz 2010 & 2230 (after market cabinets for both) already. Might have a line on a MXR-130 but again the elusive wood sided MXR-150 w/ rack handles would be my preference. Haven’t seen one listed anywhere for quite awhile. Know it’s a looong shot but thought I’d post here to see if anyone has one that they’d be willing to part with. Thanks Thomas
  3. Hope no one minds that this isn't 'critical listening' material but it was forwarded to me recently and I found it entertaining if not acutely accurate. Thanks @Sk1Bum , that was too easy.
  4. Sorry for the ignorance but how are these videos embedded here? Can't seem to get youtube to agree with me.
  5. Bunch of really big names doing voice overs but probably not there locally. The book was interesting. Any animal actors there?
  6. Is this still available? Pricing? Would you sell them separate? New to this forum & just found the classified. I'm in need of a C1 to go with my M1.01t. Thanks P.S. Moderators, I hope that it's ok to post on the classified as a new member. I know some sites require a minimum # of posts before qualifying for the privilege. My apologies if I've overstepped my boundaries.
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