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  1. Travis, how are you? I'll need some time get used to the site. TTYS. Thanks. I had difficulty getting on the site with my old account so a fresh start. I'll set up my Avatar later.
  2. Good afternoon. Thanks for the welcome back. I'm still heavy into vinyl and turntables. If you want to talk that turf, let me know.
  3. Hello again. Steven Dean Jackson here. I went by Staticvar in the past life. I hope to hook up with friends again. The site looks different from my last visit and I'll need time to wrap my arms around it. Love to all of you.
  4. Ola'  Some of  you might remember me as 

    Staticvar in the past. I've been away for a few years. Looking forward to hooking up with you all again.  

    1. Sk1Bum


      Hello Steven and welcome back. You might consider making a post in the Party Barn to re-introduce yourself. I'm not sure how many folks will notice a status update. 


      It's good to have you back!

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