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  1. pretty sure they are silver 7 tube transformers both power and output since there was a schematic tubes and parts, I think someone was going to try and make their own. the transformers were in sealed boxes addressed to bob, how could anyone resist bob carver boxes of mystery ? I will dig them out and post some pics
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to this site, but not new to Carver, or Audio Mainly I joined cause I had questions about some carver equipment and repair, but I don't see where I can post these. For example I had a tcm-15cb that was working perfectly and one day last month would not output sound but lit up, I pulled the fuse and it was good. I put it back in and it did not light up and still no sound. very strange While waiting for the mod to approve me hoping there was a schematic I found one elsewhere and was able to repair part of the power supply so I get sound, but it still does not light up and the meter needles do not move. I will probably work on it more soon but at least I can listen to music. I also have an hr-772 when I got it there was no sound, now it works but the FM is much louder than the cd/aux/tape/phono inputs (maybe 6db? I have not measured) but I don't know if this is normal. lastly I have some silver 7 transformers and a bunch of tubes I don't know if anyone knows anything about these or where I would post about them Thanks
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