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  1. Thanks again! Forgive me - it was to easy and I always look for complicated. PS: I am 72 and there is a lot of aluminum in me!
  2. So I have two 10 year old PCs (Windows 7) and have been using Avast Free antivirus for many years. If I need this or not it - makes my "feel" secure. I see offers for their VPN and the secure browser add-on does comes with updates. I use IE 11, Firefox, & Chrome they all have their pros and cons! The thing that worries me most about Avast Free is the quick scan. The always come up with several of my PDF files as being unsecured, these are single files of books I downloaded from the net. I have several dozen books I downloaded as PDFs, but Avast continues the scare tactic of these being up for attack. I have hard copies of these books on the shelf, I just think it's cool to have them as bits on my PCs.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I didn't see the way to change the background! So back to the dark, 😀
  4. Hello all - so am I seeing things properly ? 🧐 If I go to this site as a not logged in surfer the old (dark) Forum pops up, no new posts available. Then after login the new (bright) Forum is available, and every time I log in I get an email saying new device login. Just my old brain cogs wondering if this is normal? or me over thinking progress.🙄
  5. Mp3s are great because they don’t take up as much memory as a vinyl or CD, making it possible to collect an amazing amount of music on one’s hard drive. But how is the necessary memory reduced? It is done by taking out information from the original CD recording, both sonic information and mathematical redundant information. In the end about 91% of the sonic information is removed. Shawn Phillips seen live Mp3/4 awesome
  6. Vinyl copy of LAYLA and other assorted love songs DEREK AND THE DOMINOS
  7. I hear you, these were the days of record companies 10 for a dollar, if you buy 3 for full price. My copy is as you say - low fi! It was for the track Bridge, that was the song on the outside grove side 2 that got the finger traffic. I did not even like any of the other tracks. To the trash bin with this record. I can get it on uTube if needed/or not. On the good side it was placed next in my collection to Supertramp Even In The Quietest Momenents . . . that made my day for Vinyl over internet! Thanks for that - the entire Supertramp was awesome. A keeper for sure!
  8. I now see the HTTPS in my browser . I would edit my original post title but it does not look doable. Thanks for updating.
  9. Thanks for your reply, and yes I got the same message before the forum upgrade.
  10. Hello I like the new site format however---- I use the latest # Firefox browser and I get a warning NOT to log in as the site is unsecured and passwords could be compromised. What is up? I can not be the only one that uses Firefox that gets this log in message. screen shot
  11. Welcome, nice to see another listening with Klipsch loudspeakers. Love the sensitivity!
  12. My first system was tape, at that time I recorded all my friends records. This was the machine I had in 1966. A Wollensak R to R with swing out detachable "speakers".
  13. Welcome back, once down the audio path there is no end.
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