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  1. Welcome to the hoard Kurt. What part on N.C. are you from? I'm in Central N.C., specifically Orange County. Of all the Bose speakers, the 601 series have been on my mine and I find them the most interesting of their various models. Uh oh!!! Not I gotta find a pair... LOL As a young man, I was always motivated to work a little harder to have equipment as good as or better than my friends. You know, the one's I have all but completely lost touch with by now? Well anyway, being an island I find some solace at least in being able to listen to the music I love. But you're
  2. ^^^What "He-Said" I do have a few Technics decks though.... RS-B100 RS-B965 RS-M95
  3. The switcher is an Inter-M Video Audio Matrix Switcher I purchased New in Box at the end of April. There are many A/V switchers from the 1990's which have RCA's and composite or BNC video connections. Sony made an SB-V3000 which I also have. Many of these switchers have 8 sets of full IN's and OUT's but you have to use 1 set to get the signal out and into a preamp or receiver.
  4. I got 5 CD players connected tonight... progress
  5. Since this was originally designed as a wall mounted cabinet, cables are all inside the cabinet. They gather in the middle and drop down between each shelf via cutout holes. Originally I had the switchers inside the cabinet at my other house. Now THAT was a night mare!! I had bunches of cables gathered behind decks and the switchers. NOW the switchers are underneath the cabinet in the middle on a pull out drawer. Slide a tape deck in a compartment and connect it. Easy. Power is centrally provided by a very heavy gauge wire 20 amp capable. Four outlets are on each level. LED lighting is handle
  6. @weitrhino There are many facebook groups and a very high demand for cassette decks. Costs to buy great 3 head decks are stratospheric and rising. Unlike turntables, the cassette deck ecosystem has all but disappeared. There are no good heads, top transports or type II or IV tapes being made any more. SQ is high on many of the top models. I listen to mine a lot. @Dadvw I have several brands of selector switches from a variety of manufacturers I bought to try. For the cabinet mounted decks I will be using four dbx 400x switchers. Also in that stack are 2 Sony A/V switchers that
  7. So I've been putting this little tiny house space together for a couple of months now and finally gotten a few tape decks connected this week. I have a LOT of cassette decks for sure... Luv 'em Collect them Service them Soon I will be getting several CD players into service in another rack. There's just so little time after working and doing house and yard chores.
  8. Here are some shots of the switchers before I moved 2 years ago. I will re-arrange the layout to put the switchers outside the wall cabinet. It's easier to deal with 24 sets of RCA patch cords that way. I think I had the rack polluted with a bunch of Pioneer decks when that photo was taken I do have 3 Revox decks now: the B710mkII, B-215 and B-215S I have what you would call "He - Shed" where I setup a bunch of equipment this month to celebrate my shunning of People. It is very much a work in progress at this
  9. I moved 2 years ago and only in the last 30 days have I unpacked most of these tape decks from boxes. The shelving unit I built myself. It is made from 3/4 inch cabinet grade oak plywood except on the top where it is 2 x 3/4 inch layers so the shelves wouldn't sag. The front frame is solid oak. To answer your question, YES, they all are capable of playing and recording using a combination of Sony and DBX switchers. I have another 8 deck switcher in my office with even more tape decks and a couple CD Players connected.
  10. I do have a massive collection of tape decks for sure. I could probably narrow it down to my favorite 20 LOL Here's a few: Nakamichi 1000ZXL, ZX-9, RX-505, 700ZXE, Pioneer CT-A9x, T-1100s, CT-93, CT-A1, Technics RS-M95, Aiwa Xk-009,XK-S9000, HK TD4800, Tandberg 3014A, Sony K555ESJ, TC-K777, Revox B710MKII, B215-S, Alpine AL-90, Akai GX-Z9100, GX-F71. There are soooo many.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcomes. Yes, I have it pretty bad I suppose. Having collected 75 of my favorite tape decks and serviced most of them myself in just 4 years. This alone would likely qualify me as "off my nut/rails". I have a few sets of speakers: Monitor Audio, Martin Logan, ADS, LSA and some entry level Boston and JBL bookshelf standers. I don't go too high up the food chain with CD/SACD. Mostly Denon, Sony ES and a couple of Technics players I only have a couple of tables: JVC QL-Y66F and Technics SL-1210M5G. I have a Kenwood KA-801 integrated and matching
  12. Good morning all I have landed here today seeking knowledge and group input concerning my soon to arrive A-760x, more about that later. I'm into my 5th decade on this planet. I'm a PC service and tech guy with over 3 decades doing that. Audio has been a passion since I was a teenager in the late 1970's -> Early 80's. I did own Carver C-1 and M 1.5t since new until the mid 90's. I regret getting rid of those. I got back into audio about 2012 or so and have also been collecting and restoring Compact Cassette decks the last 4 years. I have a LOT of quality tape decks.
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