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  1. For Thanksgiving, a kind member here, Walrus Gumboot, sent me his pristine TDR 2400 dual cassette deck free of charge, as a gift, because I don’t have a cassette player, can’t afford one and I have hundreds of my old live gig tapes on audio cassette and no way to listen to them! This has been one of the greatest gifts of my life really- the kindness of a stranger and rediscovering my musical past. Thank you to everyone that helped him find me and especially thanks to him for making my year. Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. @Dadvw long ago I was in a national touring band that played world music/jazz fusion. I retired from touring when I was 23, after having played thousands of shows. I’ve been playing shows with that band for decades but our touring recordings are mostly on audio cassette. The stuff I play independently As a singer/songwriter is more down tempo pop, but the stuff I play when I do shows is percussion based. I’m a percussionist and i write songs on piano and guitar, though I’d hardly call myself a guitarist or pianist.
  3. @Dadvw there’s one on eBay right now and if I wasnt laid off id totally buy it! A lot of my old gigs are on audio cassette
  4. The TDR 2400 double cassette in another piece id love to have.
  5. It’s a Yamaha D6 TT. ive always liked the Sunfire Cinema for my needs-i have a small apartment so one day i aspire to a dedicated audio room for music listening (I’m a musician) and I’d love a pair of Legacy Accents or even Martin Logan electrostats (totally different sound, i know) and in that case I’d go with an M1.5 amp this is bad time economy wise to audio equip dream, but I have been playing/writing more music at least.
  6. I have Yamaha AV V665 receiver w/a vintage Yamaha direct drive turntable, B&W front speakers, NHT rear speakers and an Advent subwoofer w/a built in 500 watt Sunfire Amp. I use a B&W Zeppelin in my bedroom, an old Nakamichi CD player speaker unit in the study and a very old B&O CD/audio cassette player in the study. The Advent sub is a bit much for my apartment and I’m looking to unload it.
  7. Hello I’m a novice audiophile, I started way back when I saved up to a buy a Sony ES receiver (late 80’s I believe, i was in high school) and still today I love to find vintage amps and speakers. Carver amps have always been the best to me so I’m excited to be a part of this group. Im in Los Angeles
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