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  1. Thank you for the welcome Charlie. I am still waiting patiently to get my amp back so I can play with the 223. Been a big fan of DBX over the years. My first cassette deck had DBX and in the same system I had a 120x that I use to punish my sub woofers (and neighbors) with. That Venu 360 sounds really cool.
  2. Happy B-Day from another Mark!
  3. Very good, because I am already overwhelming myself with questions.
  4. Very good to meet you . Thank you for the welcome.
  5. Thank you all for a warm welcome. To Charlie: It took me long enough. I hope one day I can be useful here. To BluesMan57: I am hoping the fan issue is minor. My favorite tech seems to have a good grasp on it. To Daddyjt: Yes bypass seems to be the answer for well recorded music, but I do listen to a lot of live bootlegs and occasional adjustment is necessary. As far as home theater... I do have a pretty nice Sunfire TGP 5 and a bunch of spare amps laying around. I just have to build another room onto the house. It's on the list of things to do. The reason I went 2.1 is because I do not have Cornwall's. Lol. Quick question: Do I just press the + Quote thing to quote or do I need to cut and paste?
  6. Hi everyone. Thank you for having me. My name is Mark And I am an Electrician of over 32 years. I currently reside in Northwest Georgia. This is my first post but I have been lurking on this site for a very long time. I own a bit of Carver of Carver gear etc. This is the first time I have felt that I should join and maybe do a post or two, or ask a question or three... I have some of the classic quandaries such as: Tone controls or bypass, Home Theater, 2 Channel, 2.1, or even 3.1 Channel (Big fan of PWK too). My "current" main system is: An M 1.5t, C-1, TX 11a, Project turntable w/ Sumiko cartridge, Esoteric SACD player, 2x Yamaha Kx-1200 cassette decks, and a pair of klipsch KG 3.2's; and for the " .1": an M 200t summed mono into a Fraizer 12". Yes I have a lot of other toys to play with due to my audio passion (or sickness as I have been told). 2.1 channel seems to be my favorite format right now. Most of my neighbors seem to like it too. I seem to get music requests from a couple of blocks away. I have had many "Audiophile" friends over the years. Hung out with the "Home Theater" crowd and know many "Musicians". My profession has led me to befriend many Industrial Techs, Engineers, and even a few dozen "Deluxe Tinkerers". What has finally gotten me to post is: The quest for more power and better sound. It seems that I have recently acquired a PM Mono for my " .1". Naturally the fan needed service but the rest seems to be fine. Should be back soon. It also seems that I have jumped into Pro with out a clue. Also a big part of why I joined the site. I will humbly solicit all of your advise and commentary. Doing a bit of reading, I have found that this is a pin 3 hot unit and my DBX223XL ( that came from the TED before they tore it down) is pin 2 hot. But I digress... This brings me to the fact that I seem to have the ability to ramble on and maybe even go off topic with out hesitation. Please feel free to tell me to stop rambling or stay on topic or simply shut up. Lol. I will sum it up as: I am a Carver fan, proud to be here, and finally joined up. Thank you. Mark
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