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  1. Thank you Ed for your diligence and hard work in putting this together for all of us. I know it has been a very laborious process. We appreciate you negotiating on our behalf for the best possible rates.
  2. Ed Sent you my contract for 2018 and a receipt for 2019. I can probably run down a contract for 2019 if need be. Any questions feel free to give me a buzz. Thank you so much for taking this project on. Don
  3. Terri and I plan on being in 1 of the lofts again.
  4. Pulled this up out of my Kingman archives. Kingman with his sister going way, way back.
  5. Rarely post here. However, this is God’s sunrise this morning in Anderson, Wayne’s home town. Happy Birthday Kingman. You made us proud!
  6. Very, very nice. I love this statement, which seems all too common and I quote: "Analog Source: My wife's voice yelling at me to turn it down"
  7. Rolling Stones: Can't you Hear Me Knocking! Although limited to 37 MPH on my Yama Zuma 50
  8. Guys, Don't get on this site much. However, I am in and will help any way I can. Bill is missed by many. Anyway we can help Nancy, I am all for it. Just have Kingman, Martin or Gary keep me in the loop. They each know how to reach me.
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