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  1. 30 years ago today, the wall came down in Berlin. It was joyous occasion for the people of Germany and many of us around the world. In celebration of that event, there was a special concert in Berlin. Leonard Bernstein conducted an orchestra and chorus with members from East and West Germany and around the world. For the occasion, he actually took the word "Joy" out of the Ode to Joy! What did he replace it with? "Freedom" of course! In German, that's "Freiheit" instead of "Freude" I've linked right to the chorus (1:13:22), but the intro has some pretty interesting info as well.
  2. Disappointed? Yeah, well, dig though my post history before you pass judgement. Like Greg himself has said, nothing is hidden. Think about it, how much of an idiot would I have to be to bring it up if it wasn't true?
  3. Yeah, Greg is brilliant, talented, committed to this site, and a belligerent bully. If he didn't own/run it, his behavior would absolutely not be tolerated. His decision to victimize me is one I'll never understand, and to this day I'm still sad about it. He took away something that I really cared for. I always felt like the folks here were my brothers. After he targeted after me, I always felt weird posting here and also felt like 'that guy' around Carversite! people at Carverfest. Dunno, hope he grows as a person. Maybe he'll apologize one day and shake my hand. I'd be happy to forgive and forget. I always wanted to be his friend. It sucks being on this side of things. And I disagree about being private about this stuff, sunlight being the best disinfectant and all that.
  4. Here's what we'll be listening to tomorrow in the path of totality:
  5. For those interested, here's the actual patch. It wouldn't work on my system. So, here's how to disable smb v1, which is how it gets in. (All links are to Microsoft, btw) Maybe put this info in the first post?
  6. Perhaps quick-swappable battery banks of these? Link: New Solid State Batteries with potentially 3x the energy density of Lithium Ions
  7. Who knew there were so many? You can always ctrl-f and type in rock or prog or pop or whatever. Wondering how the locations of things relate. Who knew there were bands closer to Floyd than Waters and Gilmour?
  8. Every Noise At Once Description It's a giant map of virtually every musical genre imaginable. "The point of the map ... is an attempt – however uneven, idiosyncratic, and incomplete – to embrace this new state of the world, in which nearly all of humanityʼs recorded music is streamable or downloadable, and give you a way to find out what you donʼt know you donʼt know. Click any genre in the map and youʼll hear what we think is a representative song. These arenʼt always ideal, but theyʼre close. Click the » next to a genre for a similarly-clickable audio-map of the artists weʼve extrapolated for it. Hit “scan” at the top of any genre page, and youʼll take a randomized car radiostyle journey through that genre. Hit “scan” at the top of the main map and your car will careen wildly around the entire planet."
  9. As a totally non-jazz guy that got switched onto it by the Jazzman, my vote goes to Kind of Blue Cafe Blue But God, seems a crime to leave out Diana Krall You're right this is difficult!
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