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Streamers. You know...


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Tough to deal with.

I am running an 'old'  BlueSound Node2. Through an external DAC.

Not even a Node2i.

It was a tough transition.

So much music, none of which i 'owned'...

So many new releases, so many more version of stuff I thought I knew.

I could buy hundred dollar vinyl. Or not.

The source is the same.

Never, ever wanted to join the subscription thing.

So much content, no change in cost...

And I just got another offer for my vinyl collection...

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5 hours ago, PMAT said:

Was that a facial tick?




Title: A Transitioner's Lament on Disruptive Content Innovation in Audio.

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So my friend ... I've read through your ramble a few times, and I'm still not 100% sure what your objective is.  :-k:D


 I think you are lamenting your move to streaming services, and trying to justify selling off your vinyl as a way of making the commitment.  Yeah, there's that scary C-word, again.  **))


It sounds like you are definitely over the edge and on your way well down the streaming rabbit-hole, if you ask me.  Are you fishing for thoughts on streamers?  I know you are pretty set on the service side - at least for now.  🥴


Assuming your  hunting for streamer info - where are you wanting to have it go to?  One main system?  Several?  Even to the cat's bowl?  2-track I assume (somewhat dangerously)?  And perhaps the most contention bit - how do prefer to control things?  Oh yeah, I forgot - nothing at your place is under your control, is it?  😇:)





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I use ROON to keep track of my tracks, and stream it to 2 Auralic Aries Minis, an ALLO streamer, and some cheap Streamers for lesser systems, it works for me 👍🏼😎

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13 hours ago, Receiver2000 said:

Streaming. Sure would clean up the unsightly cd and vinyl storage issue. And free up some space for more Carver gear😆.

 If you haven’t used one you are in for a treat. Before I got my bluesound node 2 I played CDs a lot and vinyl occasionally. Now I just stream and there is no going back. It sounds fantastic and is such a treat to use. My iPad in hand and sitting in the sweet spot the musical world is my oyster. 

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