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Anybody else still running a Quad system and collecting Quad vinyl?

Quad vinyl is getting harder and harder to collect in VG++ to EX condition at reasonable prices! 😡😡

Probably doesn't help that I'm also a cover snob. xD




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 I remember when Quad equipment was really cheap. To me, it was an obvious choice to buy one for my son when he was in high school. I think that I used it to bi-amp some speakers. It was a Marantz unit, but I forget the model.


   I can't wrap my head around the grooves of a 4 channel record, let alone the cartridge needed to read all that. Didn't get to own any quad equipment myself. What are you using for speakers in this system?

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  1. There were several versions of quad, the version I had was cd-4!  Provided four discrete channels not hybrid like other versions!  Found this on the web about cd-4! I wish I would have kept that equipment and quad recordings!


This is the “odd man out” in the quad world. Extremely ‘fine’ grooves were etched onto the vinyl record to provide frequencies between 35,000 and 50,000 hertz. The CD-4 demodulator sensed these high frequencies then converted them to a range of around 100 to 15,000 hertz. These frequencies were then sent to the amplifier and on to the rear channels.




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The Panasonic cartridge that came with my system literature was low like 5 Hz to 50,000 Hz.  What fun the early 70s were!



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MY Quad amp has the SQA-2 plug-in adaptor. I also have the Marantz model CD-400B (CD-4) disc demodulator component.

I'm using a Pickering UXV w/ D-4500Q stylus for my (shibata) cartridge.  


The 70's are still alive at the house of Dennis47!  😂

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Yep, I still have the Marantz 4400 Quad Receiver, in its original double box, that I purchased in January 1975 at the Navy Exchange in Yokosuka, Japan when I transferred back to the US. I also have the Marantz SQA-2 Decoder and Marantz RC-4 4-Channel wired remote that I bought with it; both in their original boxes also. And, yes, I still have all of my Quad (SQ and Discrete) LPs that I bought way back then and a JVC Discrete Demodulator.

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