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Repair of Carver C-500 amps.

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What does anybody know about Deltronics repair shop in the Chicago area?  They have 2 shops and can supposedly repair anything Carver with a line to Bob Carver if needed.

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@Earsons3, Take @itchitch's advise.


The C500 is the first amp to come out of Carver Corp, after Bob Carver sold Phase Linear.


I have a couple of them, and like them.  They are not magnetic field, but just a heavy iron, transformer, and transistor style amp resembling the PL 400, but with more transistors.


They sound great, and put out some good power.  I like the LED level meters!


... as for Deltronics.   Some guidance for you - proceed with your eyes open.


1. ONLY go to the Woodridge, IL location.  Do not go to the downtown location.

2. Ask for Mike.  And talk to him, and no one else.  Mike will know what it's going to take to fix, and he's a fair guy.  The other techs at Deltronics don't know anything about Carver gear and will have to ask Mike what to do anyway.  Best to go to Mike directly.

3. Their focus is fixing Band equipment (amps, keyboard instruments, etc.)  They are not focused at all on audio.

4. Their approach is to "fix" what is broken - and get your Band back out on the road, playing gigs.

5. They are NOT an audio refresh and restore shop. 

6. That means that what is broken, will be fixed, but something else might break in a day, week, month, or year?


What do you need for your C-500 amps?  Get them fixed so you can flip/sell them off?  Deltronics may make sense for that.  


But, if you are trying to refresh something for your long-term use, or to get great music/sound out of - take the time, save your money up, and send them to Nelion, and get them fully restored.


I have gone to Mike / Deltronics and have had success on "fix" projects.  Mike is a good guy and will help you.  Just go in with your eyes open and understanding that their business is about keeping performing bands on the road, doing gigs, and making money - different business, and different business model than repairing Carver Audio Gear for Carver enthusiasts to enjoy for a second lifetime.  


Also, as for the direct line to Bob Carver - without going into detail here - the link in the chain back to Bob from Deltronics is no longer in the picture.  So, I can't give you any info on that.  What I will say is that Mike is a good tech, and will fix a broken amp for you.  


I hope that is helpful.

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Very helpful indeed, thank you to both replies so far...  I know these were Bob's first while solo and they are HEAVY for shipping, which is why I'm looking to Deltronics as it is in driving distance and I wouldn't need to ship both ways.  In this period of increased shipping and insurance costs, it has become a factor in my decision.


Anyone else with experience with Deltronics? 

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12 hours ago, Earsons3 said:

as it is in driving distance


I'm not sure where you are located..., but Nelion is just on the other side of Lake Michigan, north of Grand Rapids, MI.  I'm west of Chicago in the far west burbs.  I've always shipped FedEx to Nelion, that amp in a FedEx 23x17x12 box you pack with a sheet of pink styrofoam insulation cut to give 2+" of bullet-proof packing, should ship for about $60 one way (plus the cost of the box and styro which Greg @Nahash5150will typically reuse for the return trip).  If I had time and needed another amp done, I wouldn't hesitate to drive it.


...just a thought.

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I just received my M0.5t back from Nelion, repair and MKii upgrade/refresh. Could not be happier with the result.  
I have it coupled with a C1 with the Billd mod and Polk LSI15’s.  My noise floor is zero to my ear.

shipping back and forth wasn’t as much as I was expecting for the amp but it is a smaller one

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HI Earsons,


There are two authorized repair centers for Carver products that we recommend customers to when calling Bob Carver Company for service.


Nelion Audio in Michigan is the closest to you. They are often very busy but the service is worth the wait.


AndrewJohns gives great advice to talk to Mike at Deltronics directly to clarify the scope of the work. Understand the difference between cost of a repair vs a restoration. A repair at this age is not recommended. The old capacitors become like chasing failing light builds. Its better to change them all at once during a restoration, and enjoy your amp again at peak performance for decades of enjoyment and no frustration. 


Nelion Audio and Hi-Tech Audio in Stevenson Washington have records of 100% happy customers from our referrals with great customer feedback.


Jim Clark

Director of Operations

Bob Carver Company 

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