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  1. UncleMeat

    What are you listening to?

  2. UncleMeat

    Happy Birthday HappyTrails

    Happy Trails, Happy Birthday! Or is it - Happy Birthday, Happy Trails! May all your OCCD wishes come true!
  3. UncleMeat

    FS: 4000t, C-11, C-1, Pair of Silver 7ts

    I'd like to buy the C-11 if you can bring it to CF, LT.
  4. UncleMeat

    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    Congrats @Turbo ! Awesome Karma @John Smallwood!
  5. UncleMeat

    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    Awesome Karma John. Thanks for the offer. I'd be interested in the drivers, ribbons and the front grills. I've got a set that are waiting for ribbons, front grills, and possibly a spare driver. For that reason I'll say "in" but not sure about shipping them as a whole units, it might be too expensive. If someone in this karma wants them complete I'll defer to that person should I win the drawing.
  6. UncleMeat

    SOLD: 3 BillD Silver C-1s for Sale

    Wow that was fast! Congrats to the buyer(s) and seller!
  7. UncleMeat

    SOLD: 3 BillD Silver C-1s for Sale

    All 3 are sold?
  8. UncleMeat

    Do you know any jokes?

    When Zappa released this song, the ADL wanted it 'banned' LOL. All that did was create more publicity. In order to be fair and politically/ethnically neutral, Zappa wrote this song: UMRK WARNING: Some people (cupcake eaters) might find this material offensive. I for one, care less for them. -The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen
  9. UncleMeat

    Do you know any jokes?

    The very nature of a joke is to laugh at the folly, misfortune or expense of another individual, ethnic class, sex, or religion. There isn't much in this thread that wouldn't offend someone, somewhere, for some reason. Asking people to post politically correct jokes is a joke in and of itself. JMO
  10. They are giving volume discounts to Amazon and other large scale vendors; and making up for the expense by increasing the price to ship for non-volume/contract customers. Thanks Amazon!!
  11. Yes, excellent job packing that amp LT as always from you. I hope the amp in question was not 'on loan' to the person who re-shipped it to DJT, his poor judgment should not be of consequence to you.
  12. One would think that if it is being sent back for a simple relay replacement and on to the new owner; the seller would want it to arrive without further damage. Given the situation I probably would have refused shipment and put in a payment claim if it was sold via PayPal. Very nice of you to source the spare parts and correct his mistakes DJT.
  13. UncleMeat

    WTF?? (Ribbon 'Repair' Service)

    If you are going to the trouble of removing/replacing the magnets on one side, might as well re-glue the magnets on both sides. Be aware that disassembling a ribbon and then trying to re-tension it may be very difficult. Glue may have been used to fix the kapton to the frame outside of the tensioning rods. On reassembly you will have to tape kapton to the frame on the outer edge so it doesn't slip while the rods take up the slack and lock the kapton in place.
  14. UncleMeat

    WTF?? (Ribbon 'Repair' Service)

    I'm not entirely sure that is the only reason. The metal coated kapton film is pretty much impossible to source, and it makes little sense to provide instructions to replace a ribbon that doesn't exist as a replacement part. The replacement difficulties and risk of destroying the new ribbon material is significant; so in most cases it makes more sense to have someone like Ed (SEA) do the replacement instead of trying to DIY.
  15. UncleMeat

    WTF?? (Ribbon 'Repair' Service)

    Yes, that is how it can be done; but as with all opposing magnets they get very squirrely, and will want to shift laterally when they are separated. IIRC the center row of magnets is opposite pole orientation from the sides.