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  1. UncleMeat

    Carver in the media

    The Dark Knight Rises, Batcave scene. Two Carver ALS Platinums flanking the city-wide surveillance screens/system:
  2. UncleMeat


  3. UncleMeat

    Yanny or Laurel, I heard Laurel

    So it's a composite recording with two voices that partially mask each other? I hear Yanni on the video. If I go to the vocabulary.com page, which is the source I hear "Laurel"
  4. UncleMeat

    Going too far?

    Obama used the very same social media data mining to win over Hillary and McCain in 2008 and again in 2012. Nobody complained back then, so why is it of such great concern now? Think about it. Social media is supposed to "belong" to the socialists.
  5. UncleMeat

    Going too far?

    Thanks John. That was my thought as well with the prior post that was deleted; except I put it much more bluntly and included the current political environment. We know from history (Nazi propaganda, Soviet Russia, Communist China) what the manipulation of 'information' (and censorship) can do to a society. Let's not let them repeat this here via social media, Google, YouTube, News Media. We see these organizations twisting the truth everyday; we are bombarded with anti-American propaganda but don't realize it unless we choose to be skeptical and watchful of the true motives of those sources.
  6. UncleMeat

    Its a sign of the times they said...

    Good luck Bryan! Give it some time to adjust/adapt; you'll be good and strong in a few weeks! Keep your eyes on the listings, there are lots of other positions within USPS if delivery isn't the career job for you.
  7. UncleMeat

    The Dude's BillD modded C-1 Karma

    Sounds like it might be 'totaled', but good luck with repairs if you decide to try and save it Perry!
  8. UncleMeat

    Hegeman HAPI 2 Preamp

    A C-1 should be excellent with the CF tube amp. I'm running a stock C-11 with my Marshall tube amp. I'd like to try a good all-tube pre for comparison at some point.
  9. UncleMeat

    Finally! Just Scored an M1.0t - Happy Day

    Will you run the Ohm Walsh speakers with your M-1.0t once you've moved?
  10. UncleMeat

    What are you listening to?

  11. UncleMeat

    long time lurker ....

    So instead of Carver Amazings or Martin Logan (?) you bought Mark Levinson (Amp?). I'm confused. How did the Amazings compare to the Marin Logans when you were auditioning them? I'm assuming this was back in the early 80's? When I auditioned Carver AL-III's back in ~'91 I was astonished at the clarity of the cymbals. I now own Amazings wih 60" ribbons.
  12. UncleMeat

    What are you listening to?

  13. UncleMeat

    Song of the Night

    Remastered version, Youtube deleted the 'original'...
  14. UncleMeat

    Just bought a TFM-75

    My vote is for Carver ALS-Platinums or Originals w/60" ribbons. Magnepan Tympani, MG-20's, or 3.7R's Congrats on the TFM-75, and welcome!