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  1. Just wow. In with 38.
  2. KPT

    Fuel prices

    Yet Diesel hasn't come down much.
  3. 50 hours a week every week. Can come in for more overtime without asking. We make the cups of minute rice you microwave and eat. All of them. If you see them in the grocery, it came from this plant. Someone has to babysit the idiot machine operators.
  4. Wow, just wow. In with 20 for the new year.
  5. Counting Crows - Long December. A 150 MB 24/96 vinyl rip.
  6. Thanks for all the hard work Greg. Was there a service manual for an AV-505? I was just given one and want to go through it before putting it in service.
  7. I have a Marantz AV7704 and am happy with it. I am not sure on the separate HDMI outs though. Why not just add a HTPC to the mix? I am typing this on mine. One output goes to a monitor next to the couch, other goes to Marantz.
  8. I'm not worthy but I would love to audition it. It would go in my theater/listening room. It is of course, entirely solid state. Pre/pro is a Marantz AV7704. Signal goes to a minidsp HD and then a TFM-25 for the tweeters and a A-400x for the woofers. These are the L&R. I already want to swap the TFM-25 out for a tube amp as it is beyond overkill for horn tweeters. New compression drivers and woofers as the budget allows too. I hate that they are 8 ohm. A fair amount of my music collection is flac vinyl rips. Perhaps it would restore some warmth to the digital and solid state chain.
  9. This one is upstairs somewhere with various other junk I don't have time for.
  10. KPT


    Started watching it because of this post. This is the #1 rated TV show on IMDB now...
  11. That could actually be true. I was thinking more of a immediate way to get it into a siding if something went wrong. Can't block those revenue cars... I bet the consist would just drag the modern loco down passes if the dynamic brakes failed and service brakes were used. Hope it has AC traction motors. Put it in notch 8!
  12. That's a PTC tower next to the signal bungalow. Bet it doesn't have PTC in the cab. It's pulling a modern loco. Just in case....
  13. DD is a 2010 Corolla with manual tranny. Truck is a 2011 F250 4x4. Diesel, fully deleted, 5" intake and 5" downpipe back straight pipe. Trail rig is a 1995 4x4 Explorer with a manual. Everything has long been paid for.
  14. I didn't even know ones like that existed! 263
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