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  1. Schurkey

    Favorite Pictures

    Probably not that great. Special records that played at 16 2/3 RPM, with no-bass extra-tight groove spacing. Saphire stylus, ceramic cartridge. Damn record companies making you buy your collection of music twice... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_Hi-Fi The later version played regular 45s, as shown.
  2. I've been using Open Office for years. http://www.openoffice.org/
  3. Schurkey

    Favorite Pictures

    ^^^ I once dated a girl that looked like that.
  4. Schurkey

    Favorite Pictures

    Seems like an impossible composition to me. IF we're looking into the sunset, (or sunrise) can the moon be fully-illuminated on the side that's facing us? The moon seems enormous. Yeah, it always looks larger when it's near the horizon, but that's just not believable. I say photo trickery of some sort.
  5. Schurkey

    Favorite Pictures

    Shouldn't there be a sign with an arrow saying "You Are Here"?
  6. Schurkey

    Favorite Pictures

    My God, that's priceless. Not just propaganda, not just leftist propaganda, but leftist, feminist, academician, artificially-posed mush-head propaganda, turned upside-down by the very problem it hopes to fix. Propaganda does not get any better than that. Or any worse. It's beautiful AND horrifying. You've selected your photo well. Congratulations.
  7. Schurkey

    Favorite Pictures

    What company posed this photo? Obviously the iron isn't hot, because OSHA has outlawed asbestos fingers. Which means the photo was posed using an actor to simulate doing something productive on a circuit board as a publicity deal--advertising, or a company newsletter. "Here, honey, put on the silly glasses, hold this, and look intently at that thingie on the table in front of you..."
  8. Schurkey


    Civilian production became "War" production because 1. The entire country was mad as hell at the Japanese. 2. Deep down, the American Citizen still trusted the Government. Among other things, Americans knew that war was ongoing in Europe, and better to fight an enemy there or in Asia, than to fight one on US soil. You are unlikely to see such a thing in the future, because 1. Americans don't get angry enough when thousands of citizens are killed by "terrorists"; and 2. The decades-long list of provable lies told by Government at all levels has destroyed any lingering doubts about the ethics or competence of Government. The USA fought "world wars" of colossal scale, and we were done in four years, with surrender papers from beaten foes. Our current Elected Dirtballs have had us fighting in the Middle East with no will to win, no WAY to win, no plan to win. We're going to be there until the end of time, draining our economy and killing our youth, sacrificed in vain because US politicians don't have enough stones to declare a war, let alone fight one.
  9. I'm offended, but I fixed it for you anyway. The way "diversity" is usually thrown at our society is "you need to deal with people who are going to bring conflict." "Conflict" and "Diversity" are synonymous. America was better when there was much less "diversity" and far more "melting pot". What are you going to do when the creators of Star Trek think the most evil things in the universe--suitable for mockery, comic relief, and exaggeration leading to deep-seated fear if not outright paranoia--are capitalists, and beings that expect outsiders to assimilate?
  10. Schurkey

    Favorite Pictures

    "It was sold for $67.95 (equivalent to approximately $532 in today's funds" Does this seem reasonable to anyone? $68 = $532 seems crazy to me.
  11. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/how-engineers-got-vinyl-record-play-stratosphere-180959974/ Jack White and a team of nerds play vinyl in the stratosphere. The music was A Glorious Dawn inspired by Carl Sagan.
  12. Schurkey

    Favorite Pictures

    Photoshopped? That's hilarious. That "cable" reminds me of my cat's turds--the kind with bits of fur sticking out of the ends.
  13. Paul Fisher was also a would-be Presidential candidate. He wanted to replace the income tax with an expanded property tax. His reasoning was that wealth had to be protected by police and fire departments, and protecting the country's wealth required military strength...so let's get people to pay taxes to protect their wealth, based on the dollar value of their wealth. Not a bad plan. Not a great plan, either. For the record, I bought a bunch of AG-7 pens via eBay. I just love 'em. The refill cartridges can be adapted to other brands of pen bodies; and it's amazing how nicely they write. Before NASA adopted the "Space Pen", model AG-7, they were using a mechanical pencil. This mechanical pencil was costing NASA (i.e., the taxpayers) almost $130 each, in the middle-1960s. http://www.ebay.com/gds/Fisher-Space-Pens-A-primer-/10000000002114963/g.html
  14. ...leading people who just got fired or demoted from their jobs being referred-to as "Plutoed".
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