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  1. Thats a pretty crappy job by Klipsch ..... supporting the entire xover by just the two connections to the posts..... The fix looks pretty easy. make a few new right angle tabs, you could use a heavy gauge solid copper conductor, maybe 12awg. Flatten it a bit if you want or just use it as is. Make a loop for the post, then bend at a right angle. Scrape the mask off the board and solder the wire to the newly exposed copper. For the + side, just remove the broken tab and solder the new tab or wire where the old one was.
  2. Happy Birthday Sk1bum! Have a great day.
  3. I have a stock C-1 for sale. Excellent condition. Asking $210 plus shipping.
  4. In my case it didn't take much cranking. There is a cap that filters the outputs and feeds into the protection circuit. Open cap means no filtering, which trips the protection circuitry.
  5. Wow!!! In with 29.
  6. I had one of these very briefly. It was sold to me as needing repair but it sounded fine ..... until I turned it up. Protection. I'm usually gung-ho on amp repair, but this sat on the shelf for over a month before I got up the will to take all those screws out. Luckily the schematic was OK, clearly called out the different PS revs, etc. I was able to fix it without further disassembly. Lucky as the next step looks painful ......
  7. Well - that actually happened in 1995. I know because I bought a Power Computing Mac clone around 1997. Apple pulled the plug on clone support when Steve Jobs returned to power. Turned my computer into a $2500 paper weight as MacOS updates could not be installed on the clones.
  8. Awesome Karma Charlie. Not in as i have a Canon....
  9. Mass only allows blade lengths up to 1.5" in OTF knives, which is almost useless. I like the design of that knife. Completely ambidextrous. I'm left-handed with such things and struggle with knives ..... all made for right hand use.
  10. Great Karma Charlie! Not in as I have a digital scope.
  11. Sorry to hear of this incident and an obviously misguided law. Lane splitting is illegal in Mass. and I rarely see any egregious violations. As an occasional rider I wouldn't even consider doing it. There are just too many uncertainties that get introduced very quickly.
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