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  1. Thats a pretty crappy job by Klipsch ..... supporting the entire xover by just the two connections to the posts..... The fix looks pretty easy. make a few new right angle tabs, you could use a heavy gauge solid copper conductor, maybe 12awg. Flatten it a bit if you want or just use it as is. Make a loop for the post, then bend at a right angle. Scrape the mask off the board and solder the wire to the newly exposed copper. For the + side, just remove the broken tab and solder the new tab or wire where the old one was.
  2. Happy Birthday Sk1bum! Have a great day.
  3. I have a stock C-1 for sale. Excellent condition. Asking $210 plus shipping.
  4. In my case it didn't take much cranking. There is a cap that filters the outputs and feeds into the protection circuit. Open cap means no filtering, which trips the protection circuitry.
  5. Wow!!! In with 29.
  6. I had one of these very briefly. It was sold to me as needing repair but it sounded fine ..... until I turned it up. Protection. I'm usually gung-ho on amp repair, but this sat on the shelf for over a month before I got up the will to take all those screws out. Luckily the schematic was OK, clearly called out the different PS revs, etc. I was able to fix it without further disassembly. Lucky as the next step looks painful ......
  7. Well - that actually happened in 1995. I know because I bought a Power Computing Mac clone around 1997. Apple pulled the plug on clone support when Steve Jobs returned to power. Turned my computer into a $2500 paper weight as MacOS updates could not be installed on the clones.
  8. Awesome Karma Charlie. Not in as i have a Canon....
  9. Mass only allows blade lengths up to 1.5" in OTF knives, which is almost useless. I like the design of that knife. Completely ambidextrous. I'm left-handed with such things and struggle with knives ..... all made for right hand use.
  10. Great Karma Charlie! Not in as I have a digital scope.
  11. Sorry to hear of this incident and an obviously misguided law. Lane splitting is illegal in Mass. and I rarely see any egregious violations. As an occasional rider I wouldn't even consider doing it. There are just too many uncertainties that get introduced very quickly.
  12. Happy Birthday Greg. Thanks for keeping this thing going!
  13. The LP version is not the box-set. If you select the LP you will see the CD that matches the LP for $9.69US.... 12 songs. The box set for $341.33US contains 18 CDs!
  14. I guess Pink Floyd is already represented with "The Wall", but personally I like "Animals".
  15. jeffs

    fluid film

    I did this in my driveway with a set of ramps. A lift would be much better. I used a $14 gun from Amazon paired with Home Depot HDX wide mouth bottle ($2.68) which screws right on. The stuff has the consistency of mayonnaise so it's a bit difficult to get into the bottle. My compressor only has a 4.2 gallon tank so needed to go slowly. Most of the more detailed videos show the use of a wand to get into tight spaces. I didn't do that. Avoid the exhaust as much as possible as it takes a while to burn off.
  16. jeffs

    fluid film

    Anyone living in the snow/rust belt tried Fluid Film? I have an 8 year old truck and the undercarriage is rusting to sh!t. I've never liked the idea of sealcoating, but this is different. Some good testimonials/videos on the Tube. I applied this today and the job went smoother than expected. Not sure why I didn't do it sooner? This is a weekend and foul weather vehicle for me ... 2011 with 48K miles. Will last me a long time if I can arrest the rust.
  17. Glad to hear that things are heading in the right direction!
  18. Thats an excellent cabinet. I bought a pair for Sunfire HRS10 drivers. Very happy with the product. I was not too keen on the radiused face so I bought a piece of 2'x2' mdf at HD for $6 and cut new faces.
  19. Nice karma ..... someone gonna have some new toys.
  20. So far so good Greg - Thanks!
  21. I tried this with a 10K pot on one channel, the other channel got full signal. I did not test for audio quality, etc.... I simply did a freq response test from 20Hz to 20KHz with a function generator connected directly to the amp, no preamp. Since a C-1 has 200ohm series output resistance, I included 220ohm in series between the func generator and the input on EACH channel, considering this a typical application. I ran 2 sweeps, one sweep with the pot all the way up, the other with the pot trimmed about 1/2 scale. Output level on the straight thru channel was about 3Vrms, input was at 100mVrms, dummy 8ohm loads on both channels. For the straight in channel, the gain was nominally 29.8dB with a variation of only 0.28dB. Set at full level, the channel with the pot was nominally 29.2dB with a variation of 0.27dB. The 220ohm and 10K pot make a voltage divider 10K/10220= 0.978. This would account for some of the difference. Note that the gain in this channel might be slightly less to begin with, I never went back to check without the pot. Set at about 1/2 level the attenuated channel was nominally 23.0dB, so about 6.2dB down from the full scale of 29.2dB. Makes sense as 1/2=6.02dB. Variation was a bit higher, 0.37dB, still excellent flatness over the audio range. So - from a freq response standpoint - this looks good. As mentioned, the grounding on these inputs is sensitive, your ears will tell you if the pot adds any noise due to ground loop or the like.
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