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  1. That was great BluesMan57! Reminds me of early Magnum. I say early because the song and the album below here was recorded in 1980 but released1982. The album Chase the dragon is the 3rd studio album of Magnum
  2. About sound system, see this post http://thecarversite.com/yetanotherforum/default.aspx?g=posts&m=125401#post125401 It sounds ok, at least i am happy enough with it, i'll might add a subwoofer sometime later though, i've already got an extra amplifier installed, so it will be just to run the wires to wherever i find it suitable to mount a sub.
  3. Nice and clean! A smile on your face, is all the proof you'll ever need to know it performs very good as well
  4. Walter Trout and i went on a fishing trip a couple of weeks ago, the fishing was great, the best fishing for seatrout i've ever experienced, i just wanted to share some of the photos from that trip with you guys. Saltstraumen - the worlds strongest tidal current. 2 am, and as calm as it can be, just waiting for that big seatrout to bite. Fish on.. Nice big seatrout 15lb Got a really big one, a new personal record for me, above 20lb this one Got a few salmon too, the bigger one here is one of the salmons. Fish on, just before netting it. Some of the catch.. In the cooler, had to emty it a few times during the trip, made fillets of most of it, because that doesn't take very much space compared to a whole fish. on shore i had access to a freezer. Some of the fish were also frozen whole, and some of the fish i caught the last day were just gutted and placed in the cooler, i made more fillets of the ones not frozen when i came back home. The whole frozen fish got a taste of my fish/meat saw Nice dinner portions.. Simple and easy and very tasy dinner..
  5. It depends on what kind of fishery we're at, when we're trawling for blue whiting like we're doing right now, there's not much eatable fish to get (at least we don't eat the blue whiting), it all goes to large processing plants for production of fish oil and fish flour, which again is used in production of pellets for the salmon farms. However, we got two 400lb tunas last trip, that was a very tasty dinner When we're fishing for herring there is always some cod or pollock in the catch, it think we have fish for dinner about three or four times a week.
  6. I've been back at work for about 14 days now, the first trip went quite good, we had good weather for most of the 12 days trip, but the fishing was a bit slow though. A couple of days ago we were back in Norway unloading our catch of 1860 tonnes of blue whiting. Now we're on our way back out towards the fishing grounds west of Ireland, it's a four day long trip each way. Hopefully the fishing will be a bit better this trip, most of all i hope for good weather.. Here's a picture taken from the bridge a couple of years ago.
  7. I've heard about some people use ultrasonic washers to clean their vinyl records.
  8. You guys just made me feel hungry and also amazed by the talents you all possess. My only hobby exept music audio/video is fishing, trout, salmon and halibut fishing are my favorites, i have a nice boat (Walter Trout) equipped with downriggers. last year i got almost 700 very enjoyable hours of fishing, this year i hope to get even more.
  9. That's great News, congrats Is it Cabelas the hunting/fishing store?
  10. Why cross the river for water....
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