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  1. Rob


    These receivers are starting to move. 3 sold this week. But I have more. 😂
  2. Pics are a little late but the ham was awesome. So juicy and smokey.
  3. If you like watching kayaking then you need to watch this documentary. Awesome footage of some crazy rivers.
  4. Scanning the eBay pages and came across something that I had to laugh about. There is a TFM15bc for sale that has a remote with it and the description says, " The unit does not power on but it does make noise when it is pluggin in😂


  5. In need of a Carver Premier 5 channel amp cosmetic parts and rack handles. :|:

    1. Nahash5150


      Nothing here.  :(


  6. We can always change the 220v to 120v so dont be shy. Send as much as you can back. Stay safe over there and thank you too for your service.
  7. Time to do some serious smoking this weekend. So dug out a 15lb ham out of the freezer from the hog we got earlier this year. Its pretty big. Probably will take all day.
  8. Happy Birthday Will. I hope you can enjoy it and the weekend.
  9. Rob


    I have been working on the stash and finally have a batch that are working. I haven't gone through and done any extensive cleaning or parts replacing. Only the parts that I needed to make them work have been replaced, Some new and some used ( Parts ). The cosmetics are not perfect but for the most part they are in decent condition and the faceplates and knobs are in pretty good shape. I want to list them here so if members are interested, you all have first look. Arrangements can be made to ship to any tech you want and if you agree with Greg and Jenny to do your service then I ca
  10. Rob


  11. In need of MXR 130 vertical flat knobs for the tape, speaker select. As many as possible. PM me. 

  12. Lay it on the line is a bad ass song. I have one of their live CD's and it is a really good one. Another time I seen Triumph and Loverboy together I think in Kalamazoo MI. Talking about a laser show, WOW.
  13. Top left was my first concert. Ozzy and I think UFO opened for them. It was also a month before Randy died in the plane crash. It was my first and my favorite.
  14. Looking for a faceplate for a PM600.

  15. I third. Going up there today to pick up my Bose EQ for the 901's. Cant wait to hook them up Monday evening.
  16. Rob


    From the album: Always changing

  17. Rob

    Always changing

    Carver MXR-150 restoration by Greg. M4.0t MKII upgrade by Greg
  18. We will plan on next year. But we will also be in Orlando for 2 weeks this Christmas and New Years so hopefully we can get together.
  19. Thanks Don but I won't be there this year. Had to cancel.
  20. Thanks everyone. It was a truly great day.
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