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Everything posted by Rob

  1. Yeh, I liked the way it started out full speed action and didn't stop for quite awhile. It definitely didn't take any time to get to the point.
  2. Carver's, No, Cleavers. 🤣 Good action movie.
  3. Rob


    From the album: Always changing

    My Black Friday purchase. The new black faceplate setup.
  4. Rob

    Always changing

    Carver MXR-150 restoration by Greg.
  5. Happy Birthday to you too.
  6. Happy Birthday ROD !!!! I know you have seen this video before so now its your turn.
  7. Its a Caleb thing. Wrong orientation of the pic. 🤣
  8. It is more contagious than the COVID. 🤣
  9. Did you get it? I talked to Kevin and he has what you need. Its a simple fix.
  10. I just had a reply for a CT-26v AV preamp/tuner. So maybe I am looking no more. lol
  11. Yes. but I need a preamp with remote.
  12. Yes it was. And my wife is always up for a road trip. lol
  13. All I can say right now is that I LIKE IT !!!!!
  14. I cant hear anyone right now with my new addition hooked up.
  15. You have enough of them so just power steer them.
  16. Here is my new addition. She is pretty clean for the price.
  17. You should pair up those D-5's with the Polk 10B's. The Polks handle more power also.
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