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  1. I'll bump you guys up to 75.
  2. That 2000 was a pain in the ass but worked out in the end. Hard to find such a piece in that kind of condition with the original box, owners manual, and remote. I hope it gives you years of enjoyment along with your amps. You have some really nice pieces of equipment.
  3. Welcome @ChestnutFalcon1201 to the site. IMO you should keep both. I am sure there is no monthly payments and you don’t need to register them every year. And you know, now that you have joined, you will surely start putting together systems for every room in the house. So keep the MXR. I have had mine since new in 1987 and it is a great receiver.
  4. Welcome to the site and thanks to @aceman117 for being an enabler. Always good to be here.
  5. What an excellent movie.
  6. Welcome back @SteveFord Hope ya stick around. It truly is a wonderful site with great people.
  7. Well I do have a C1 that is on deck for the Bill D mod, Grundy, and motorized pot. So it will be nice to experience it with a couple 4.0’s . I really do like the CT-7 because of the tuner and remote capabilities.
  8. I have one just waiting for a motorized pot and remote. Got the grundy and the Bill-D kit.
  9. I will definitely look into the link. Because if the Y cables also have something to do with it then I need to look at other possibilities.
  10. I think also it had to do with Spotify having songs that are playing at a lower recorded level because I played the same song with a CD and I couldn’t max it out.
  11. @Tailgate I have made up a list from doing many of these amps. It is about a 35 cap replacement project that doesn’t take long to do. If you want it I can send it your way. It doesn’t have part numbers, just the location number on the board and uF values.
  12. Hello and welcome to the Carver site. Personally I really like the M200t's and have had quite a few of them. I have had them hooked up to Cerwin Vega PA's, Polk Monitor 10b's, and my little Ohm K2's. They are great little amps in my opinion especially after a good quality recap and voltage setting.
  13. Welcome Hal to the Carver site. I too started my Carver path while single in the Army. (Bamberg) 1987 - 1990. This a great place to be. Enjoy!!!
  14. Its nice to know that especially if I have people over and they get control of it. 😂
  15. I was running my 1.0 and 4.0 hooked up to a CT7. Max volume is @ 5 o'clock and I wasn't touching the max headroom. Loud and crystal clear. So why? Why cant I have full control of both amps and hit max headroom at say, 3 o'clock? When I run 1 amp I can max it out with no problem.
  16. I also have those tracks that I like to hear on different setups and Godsmack is one of the groups that are at the top of my list along with Candlebox.
  17. Got some nice gear there Pat.
  18. Holy shiznitt. I think you need a DJ station. Nice collection.
  19. No. I have a post in the gallery of featured systems that I named, " Always changing " also. Just joking around.
  20. That is awesome. Please PM me with pics. I would like to see what you have. And welcome to the site. I’m not in Montana but Michigan starts with an M.
  21. Welcome to the Carver site. Great place to be.
  22. Would that be the supreme's? And Diana Ross
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