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    M4.0t MKII for sale

    I am putting my 4.0 MKII up for sale. As most of you know it is the first one Greg built and restored. This is one hell of an amp. There are some scratches on the cover that have been passed from owner to owner and they will stay with it. I am hoping to keep it here in the family funds will be used for good reason. The price is $800 plus shipping. If interested please PM me.
  2. Rob


    From the album: M4.0t MKII for sale

  3. Rob


    From the album: M4.0t MKII for sale

  4. Rob


    From the album: M4.0t MKII for sale

  5. Coming along quite nicely.
  6. Well it’s been awhile since this post has been active so I thought I would wake it up again. Gonna spatchcock a 20 lb turkey tomorrow for our thanksgiving feast. Any suggestions on seasonings or injections from anyone?
  7. I have a couple of manuals for some Carver programmable remotes that I recently acquired from @AndrewJohnthat can be uploaded somewhere. I need to photo them and organize them first. Probably do that this weekend.
  8. Man, I knew shit wasn't good. I am always a call or a text away. If I can help with anything let me know and in the mean time get well. Take care of each other and we are always close by.
  9. Happy Birthday Rod. Come out come out wherever you are!
  10. Welcome to the site. I bought my first caver in 1987 it was also an MXR 150. I have lots of parts if you ever need any. Lots of info here and people that will help you out.
  11. Happy belated birthday.
  12. Happy belated birthday.
  13. I am always lingering from time to time. Working full time when I can and now back to school doing 11 credit hours. I still enjoy this site very much and all things we agree or disagree with as well as all the technical information available from so many great people. I also have met quite a few really good people and I am thankful for that. Thank you all !!!!!!!!
  14. Gonna be one of these days. Playing hooky from work, 2 lbs of M&M's, Ribeyes for the grill and drinks later. AC/DC radio on iHeart playing some good music.
  15. Thanks guys for the thoughts and cool pics and vids. Gonna play hooky today.
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