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  1. I love freshly caught Lake Trout.
  2. A little Fathers Day smoking going on today. Top Round, Pork Neck for a little snack, Pepperjack Burgers, and smoking some fat to render and inject into a brisket I will do in a couple weeks. Happy Fathers Day to all.
  3. Gonna smoking some top round steaks, hamburgers, and some pork fat to make tallow to inject into the brisket that is next on the smoker.
  4. You are supposed to laugh. Not be serious. C'mon now. I understand. I feel its like going to Menards and buying groceries. Just joking.
  5. BBQ sauce at a hardware store? That Raspberry Chipotle looks interesting.
  6. I will have to look for that Blue Hog too.
  7. I didn't use any BBQ sauce on mine but that is something I will try next time on a few of them. Maybe some Bullseye or Sweet Babyrays. And the hamburgers. You guys need to try smoking some burgers. I know it takes longer but I smoked them for a bout 2 hours @ 250 degrees and man they are awesome.
  8. What's so great about this idea is you can change the taste in so many ways. Different cheese's, different bacon, also the onions. Along with different smoke and BBQ sauce. I love it.
  9. @Pat AdamsI think you just introduced a new favorite.
  10. I dont know what kind of onions everyone else is using but I used a Vadalia with a little sweetness.
  11. I tell you this. Those smoked burgers are the bomb. So damn good with the pepper jack cheese and smoke flavor.
  12. My turn. LOL. just threw these in the smoker. Had some beef and pepperjack cheese mix left over so I am going to smoke a couple burgers. Never tried smoking burgers before but I could imagine they should taste good.
  13. Its been a year since I got the 4.0 from Greg and everything has been great. The sound, the power, and the ability to listen at any level with such clarity. Thanks again @Nahash5150for a very dependable and powerful unit.
  14. Oh. That is a large stainless steel cookie sheet
  15. I used that white cutting board for background color to enhance the photo. LOL. The upper right piece is the skin.
  16. Man O Man is this tongue good. Skin pretty much fell off it when I grabbed an edge. So juicy and tender. Never really remember it being so good but smoking it is definitely a great option. 2.5 hours unwrapped and 2.5 hours wrapped. I dont think it could have gotten any better. And the ribs are great also.
  17. Same here @AndrewJohn I think my mother used to boil it and leave the damn tastebuds on it. LOL I will smoke it then skin it. My neighbor is from Mexico and they gave me some pointers. All I did was oiled all the meat with olive oil and ground up the black pepper and coarse salt. Also added a little Jack Daniel's Steak rub for the heck of it. Tongue is in the middle. My wife wanted part of it so she can experiment with it. She never tried tongue before. Ribs are all around with various cuts and carvings. I will be using Hickory and Cherry logs for the smoke.
  18. I have a co-worker who is from Mexico and every time we have taco's he brings the meat. And you guessed it, Tongue! It is good and falls apart just like a roast.
  19. I was thinking about the SMOKEHOUSE today too. Those chickens look delicious. I am doing up some short ribs and a tongue tomorrow. I never smoked a tongue before so this should be interesting.
  20. Pop your fuel pump fuse out and start the car to release the pressure and when the car stalls unhook the line and connect a hose to it and into the gas can. Crank it over with a strong battery. Although you might burn up your starter, you can get your gas that way.
  21. Hello Ed. You gonna have hats and T-shirts again?
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