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  1. Welcome Boris729. You have some nice vintage gear there. Looks like I see a vintage Marantz Receiver too.
  2. Welcome jaygilb. You'll find many of us have some type of technical background and everyone loves great sound. There's never enough and always room for an upgrade, change or an addition.
  3. Welcome pserci to a great group of people on this site.
  4. Depending on your room size you might want to turn the volume down. That -10 is on the hot/loud side. I know every room and system is different. I've managed to keep mine's at -21 and the other at -19. Give it a shot.
  5. Anyone know where Barry was admitted?
  6. That’s not good news. Prayers and support going out for Barry. He’s such a very nice and kind hearted guy.
  7. That's an awesome collection of equipment. Welcome to the forum Greg.
  8. Nice amp collection. Yes you got bitten by the bug several times 🤣. Welcome to the site and OCCD.
  9. Maddmaster

    One Man's Dream

    I would love to hear it.
  10. Looking at the manual it's part no. 24 and list the part number as A81G131. There is no indication of the size. If I didn't miss anything there's only one belt in the whole unit. I just saw this post. BarryG has a belt for his CD player and may be able to help you with the size and where to source it.
  11. Welcome chino. Great to have you join our group.
  12. I think I still have several quad disc in my collection too. I know they are all in mint condition.
  13. Welcome Kurt. You probably already found out that M1.5t is more than enough for those 601's. Probably make them sing loud and clear.
  14. Pwr Amps peaking halfway on Bass notes and got my ears ringing. Wifey just came downstairs and said I had everything shaking upstairs. Just think, I was debating adding another sub. LOL Guess not!
  15. Welcome @1798wky. Nice collection of gear. Glad you found us.
  16. TNrabbit, Gary. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a while. He made me feel welcomed. Then he had a Carver meet and greet I attended at his home. He is still missed by many of us old timers here,
  17. Welcome Oakley104. Nice collection of gear! Those M1.0t's are screaming mkII.......... me...... 😃
  18. I have to laugh that you remembered how much I was into cars and swapping them. That continued through the years. I think I've finally slowed that roll with my last one. I think I've been through 4 or five since I met up at Hunt Valley for the hand off of the HK.
  19. July 2009, I joined previously owning a M1.5t and CT17 looking for other Carver owners. Then I saw and read Rich P's mkII M1.0t and M500t upgrade offers. The $50 buy back got my attention. My thoughts were nothing can be that great that he'd offer a buy back and give me $50 trying . Needless to say one M500t mkII and four M1.0t mkII opt002's later I'm still here and loving them all. This was my system back when I joined:
  20. Nice for you to drop back in Steve. That was me that gave you the HK CD Player Karma. Nice to know it's still working. I had just recently thought about that player. Welcome back.
  21. Sounds interesting. Hopefully someone is close by.
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