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  1. I have not been in the loot for a long while.. I can't wait to see what have change here. looking forward getting reunited with old friends.
  2. I have been a member for a while, it's time I get back in the Loot... I'm glad that I got my Silver 7t mono block amps restored... Thanks, Mr. Roland Barr.
  3. silver7tClyde


    Let me close my ears... Beautiful.
  4. silver7tClyde

    R.I.P. Prince

    I Love how he gives credit to James Brown for influencing his style. James Brown is un-sung because they(pop-radio) didn't play his music after having over 100 charted singles on Billboard Magazine.
  5. Welcome,,,I'm a newbie my self. The Carver people are the greatest.
  6. That's a sweet looking turntable,and I bet with a sweet sound... I have a couple of the vintage Technic MLK 1200 Turntables.
  7. I'm using Windows 10 here. there's a site you can go to and it's free and get live tech support. you can text and talk on this site.... I go to that site very often. .
  8. Just wonderful... I finally got my own man cave also... not that big though. just bought a house.
  9. I really enjoyed looking at that. very glad that I bought carver product
  10. I love Radio Shack.... I stayed in Radio Shack stores back in the 70s as a kid. Radio Shack helped me become a Audiophile today.
  11. This is a man's world" but IT WOULDn't BE NOTHING WITH OUT A WOMAN Or A GIRL. "james brown"
  12. I hope you all had a great One
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