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    What are you listening to?

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    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    Hi everyone, Turbo is the winner of the speakers. Thank you for your interest in these. John
  3. John Smallwood

    Karma - free Silver Edition Amazing Loudspeakers

    Hi everyone..left speaker photo. Thank you for your interest. Right speaker photo.
  4. Hi everyone....I am throwing in the towel on my Amazing Loudspeakers, and I want them to go to a good home. The left speaker seems fine; the right ribbon is muddy and distorted. Cosmetically I think they look almost new. Frankly, I lack the time and technical know-how to address this. The only cost is shipping - I am planning to drop them off at UPS to have them packed professionally unless you want to come to Santa Fe to pick them up. If you are interested, reply to this post expressing your interest and I will choose someone at random at noon on Friday, August 17. I'll post photos tomorrow. Email or message me here if you have any questions. Good luck - I really hope they go to a good home. John js@johnsmallwood.email