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  1. EAHBuckeye

    Dogs - Post Em' If You Got Em'

    This is Mitzy, our Boston Terrier. As she's matured she is much more brindle than black as shown in this older pic. We got her as a pup and she's now 3.5 yo. Although much smaller than the majority of the dogs posted above, she was a handful for the first 2.5-3 years of her life.
  2. EAHBuckeye

    Just got here...

    Welcome, Will! I'm a new member also and as stated above, we'd love to see pics of your gear.
  3. EAHBuckeye

    Buy these Earbuds!

    I've read good things on this brand. I opted for the Jabra Elite 65t. I use them primarily for the gym/working out and so needed for them to be bluetooth. But I'd love to try these at some point. Although not having a headphone jack on my phone probably means I won't anytime soon. Glad you're enjoying them. Good to see a real testimonial on them.
  4. EAHBuckeye


    Merry Christmas!
  5. Thank you. Assembling this system has been a lot of fun this past year. It’s my 2ch semi-vintage bedroom set-up. Only one amp in use at a time for now. My speakers require a biamp module and an external electronic crossover before I’m able to use both amps in this system. I have a line on the module, but still looking for a crossover.
  6. I appreciate the warm welcome from each of you. This forum will be fun. I hope to get to know more of you and expand my exposure to Carver fandom. My name denotes my allegiance to The Ohio State Buckeyes, but "oldtexasdog," I live in Austin, Texas. Are you in TX? Turbo, nice GTO! I'm a musclecar fan as well and still have my "71 Cutlass from HS. If any of you are also in the Carver facebook group, you've already seen a short video clip of my 2ch rig playing Muse's "Maddness." Dennis47,the speakers in my 2ch system are ADS 910's. I bought them about a month ago. The M500t Mk2 I've not had a week yet. I also haven't had the house to myself yet to stretch its legs. A critical listening sesion comparing the two is still forthcoming. Wattage wise, there isn't much difference as the 910's are 4 Ohm speakers. The stock M500t hits 450w/ch vs. 420w/ch for the Mk2. But I can attest the stock amp hit a peak of 108Db's before running out of gas and my fear of pushing the speakers too hard. They are 40yo speakers afterall. Newbie question, it seems there is a file size limit when posting pics to the site. Is that a function of the capacity or my novice status?
  7. The HR-895 a/v receiver I purchased from a newspaper classified (pre-internet days) while in college kicked off my fandom of Carver gear. I used that receiver for everything through the years. It got nearly daily use for over ten years before resting in a closet for another dozen years or so. Although it’s been retired for HT duty, I now use it as a preamp. I still love it! I updated and went to my first separated HT system prior to getting married and that system remained unchanged since. I got my second Carver at the update time, an AV705x. It’s still going strong. Earlier this His year I embarked on building a semi-vintage 2ch rig employing the HT895 as pre switching also with an Audio Research SP9 hybrid tube preamp. I’ve added two M-500t’s and most recently one with the mkII mod. Until I get the biamp modules and an electronic crossover, I won’t be able to run both 500t’s. I have two Sunfire True Subwoofers MkII series that need attention and recently picked a Sunfire Cinema Grand 5ch amp, but it’s not working at all. There are a couple more components I wish to add to this and then I begin saving to get sub plates and CG refurbed. I am excited about this commmunity and know there’s much to learn and this is the perfect place to accomplish that. Thank you for including me. Once I’ve been cleared I’ll post a pic or two.
  8. EAHBuckeye

    WTB HR-895

    I love my HR895. It was my first Carver gear as well. Still performs fantastically. I use it primarily as a preamp these days as I retired it from HT duty years ago.