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  1. I really haven't thought about it. I know they usually go anywhere from 500 to over a thousand. I was just not sure if the cost was worth it or not. My setup is currently: Carver M1.0t ( MKII Opt 2) C1 with the Bill D, Thornes TD-160 TT and a set of Bose 901's series IV refurbished with a refurbished Bose speaker EQ. This system is used for my music only and wanted to keep it all 70's/80's vintage as I was looking at adding a Carver Tuner and CD Player. So I was just thinking 490t and TX 11 or TX 2? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. I am wanting to add a really nice CD player to my Carver system but not sure if the SD 490t is worth the cost or would I be better served trying to find an oppo?
  3. Hi all, thanks for the advice, kind words and help. I am using the MC input and not the MM as the Denon cart is for either. I have not had a chance to switch it as I have been so busy with a project at work but will hopefully have some time tomorrow to switch and let everyone know the results.
  4. Thanks Soulsurfer for the advice. I had the BillD mod done on it 2 years ago, but I am using really cheap Audio cables. Ill look into that. I was not sure if it was the newer CD technology going into the older Preamp. The CD sounds great as well just have to turn it up to the 1 or 2 o'clock position to start making the speakers begin to thump.
  5. Hey guys I do have a stereo novice question though. This system was really built for a Turntable and sounds amazing! Turn it up to the 9 o'clock position and it blows the room out with the TT. However I have a DVD/CD player now hooked up as well to the AUX and wondered why the CD (MP3,WAV's et..) sound so much lower than the TT? I pretty much have to turn the dial up to like 12 to get the same level volume on the C-1 as I do the 9 on the TT. All the searches I did on the subject seemed to be the opposite problem. People had the TT sound much lower. It's not a big deal (as I don't use the CD's
  6. Hello everyone I'm back. I just wanted to say hi. My system still looks the same but with Wayne upgrading the M1.0t to a 460watt beast it is truly awesome.
  7. Hello everyone long time lurker just wanted to say hi!
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