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  1. teecelly

    New Jazz Albums

    Found myself listening to this album several times on a road trip. Very rich in detail. Definitely picks up the Fusion scene where Miles left off.
  2. That was Great! Thank you for sharing!
  3. https://www.spin.com/featured/the-15-most-controversial-songs-of-all-time/ Pretty much Everything that was played at our HS Proms in the eighties. (and Ive met a few named 'Nikki' over the years. lol) From the article: In the mid-’80s, a big-haired then-Senator’s wife named Tipper Gore was taking a stroll near her 11-year-old daughter’s room. Without warning, she caught an earful of her tween’s tape deck (or turntable), as someone sang about “masturbating with a magazine” and how “…my body will never be the same.” Sex talk. Tipper was gobsmacked a
  4. Some idiot(s?) in marketing should have been fired over this. The poster causing outrage is literally the opposite of the premise of the film. Which is to highlight the exploitation and plight of underage girls in many parts of the world. Now that the uproar has begun, No Amount of Facts will change some people's mind as to the reality of the situation.
  5. Google is an incredible tool. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/aug/21/cuties-netflix-film-fury
  6. teecelly

    New Jazz Albums

    Euge Groove and Maysa on the same track? Heck Yeah! Title cut of Mr Groove's new album . Enjoy!
  7. Have been really enjoying this album last 2 weeks...... https://ajoyo.bandcamp.com/album/war-chant
  8. Thanks Sk1Bum! Just loaded this up on Tidal. Get Up! 🙂
  9. Incredible talent from a young and up coming artist. Very proud of her accomplishments! Also new this week, Mr Miles...Jason that is.....
  10. Looking forward to his new album Blue Moon releasing on 3/27. Heard a couple tracks on a local jazz station and they sounded great! Here's the first release from that album.......
  11. Hi Sk1bum, Thank you for sharing! Funny thing is, I live in the Austin area. There's so much music here, you cant possibly take it all in. If any of you make your way here (after the Covid-apocalypse, of course!) Be sure to check out Parker Jazz Club and The elephant Room. 🙂
  12. Really enjoyed this Flamenco version of Take 5. Had not heard of the artists until now....but these guys Rock!
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