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  1. teecelly

    New Jazz Albums

    Bob Reynolds - Cant Wait for Perfect Very very nice.
  2. teecelly

    New Jazz Albums

    Another recent release: Terrence Herd, album: Born to Play (on Tidal) Try the track: Straight Funky Here's another...not crazy about the track, but Oh Man, the video is nice to watch. (for purely musically academic purposes --of course!)
  3. teecelly

    New Jazz Albums

    Here's a good one. Brand new off the presses: The Allen Carman Project https://theallencarmanproject.com/
  4. The Wiki entry on this is just as entertaining as the video. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turboencabulator ?
  5. As promised Bobby1970! May Patcharapong, MyOwn Roles (album) This Guy Jams!
  6. A long shot request...anyone have (or can get) a service manual and/or schematic for an APC J15 power backup/conditioner ? Thanks!!!
  7. Fav book series: The Ghost in the Shell, by Masamune Shirow Fav screen adaptation: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick (better known as Bladerunner)
  8. Thanks Compwaco. I may take that off your hands if the price is right. :-) PM'd you. Thanks,
  9. Guys, Im looking for a TFM-22 or -24 case with the Heatsinks. I dont care about external condition. (It can be ugly as Esther for all I care!) And dont need any of the electronics, including transformer, either. (will make shipping a little cheaper too) Please PM me! Thanks,
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