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  1. *Male Reasoning* This is a conversation between a man and a woman. Please note that she asked five or six questions, which he answered quite simply, but then she was speechless after answering only one question. Woman: “Do you drink beer?” Man: “Yes.” Woman: “How many beers a day?”
  2. Good to hear some solid metal again.......been a while since I've listened to any!
  3. Congrats Mark! That's great to hear you're starting a new (hopefully more lucrative ) position! I know moving sucks, but hopefully it'll be a good change of things for you and your family ! PS: You're now only about 400 miles northwest of me!
  4. Glad to hear Dennis got her back up and running for you Travis!!! Mark was kind enough to let me borrow his 55x for a while and I got much the same impressions as you described. While I didn't have the CF speakers to try the 55x out on, the 45 really seemed to be able to drive my larger front speakers better with a better sound stage as well. I did hook the 55x up to my surrounds and it was definitely more dynamic when it came to movies and the imaging detail that goes along with them. Thanks again for the good comparison! Cheers
  5. Glad you're back and all's well Joe! Have to say tho, I'm just a little jealous of your new TV purchase LOL!
  6. Damn, now he's gotta go drop another $50 on a new sweet old-school big screen LOL!!!!
  7. Looks like he's using some garden hoses for power and speaker wire !!!!
  8. LOVE this setup of the "Zeta Zero" link on the onlycreative website......WISH that was my personal HT/Gaming room !!!!
  9. Think you got this mixed up from their "Space Amp"......the "Opera Only" is: Output = 6x20,000W RMS Class A Multi = 12x10,000W RMS Class A
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