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  1. Jim Coash


    I have owned and sold a lot of Carver receivers but I have never seen that one before. Looks like a nice one. Jim
  2. Are you guys sure I'm not just a computer program? Jim
  3. Jim Coash

    Favorite Pictures

    ...........................but my speakers are only 100 watt! Jim
  4. Great Karma. I think I will paint my pair purple too. Like the velour bell bottoms I wore in 1969 playing lead guitar for my band "Purple Haze". Martha still can't forget that one. Let someone else have your pair. They really do sound good! Jim
  5. Carver tuners, especially the TX-11a were miles ahead of everything else when they came out. I did so many demos where I tuned in stations with one people could not get on their tuner. Sometimes getting a weak station and then just switching on the ACCD to their shock and amazement. I also used a paperclip as an antenna just to prove how little signal could produce listenable results. When my Dad and I built the Dyna FM-3t tuner in 1962, it has a separate "kit" to make it "Stereo Ready" if you wished. The base model was mono. I don't listen to a lot of radio but I did ask for and get a new outdoor dipole mast mount antenna for Christmas. I plan to install it soon. That should make things in the Party Barn better for radio. It wasn't bad until we had to replace the shingle roof and went with steel. That really made the indoor dipole essentially worthless. Jim
  6. I cannot disagree about your analysis. I cannot reach my feet to put on socks anymore. I do have some trouble with bathroom issues but I could not live with so much pain that I needed 300 mgs of morphine a day plus the Norco. You gotta do what you gotta do. I am fortunate to have a wonderful support systems close by. Maybe you do not have that. Martha is visiting Chicago this week with her girlfriends but my sons will be here to help when I need it. I can shower and dress, except for the socks and I now can get around outside and at least help a little with the yard. The new Exmark with the "deluxe" seat works for me so I can do most of the mowing for all three properties. The boys appreciate that. The weight loss I had to achieve before they would operate has helped too and that only was possible by eliminating alcohol from my diet. Just as well. I have a hard enough time staying upright without being tipsy. The last month has been a revelation. Coming out of the drug fog makes the world look a lot better and the whole family says they are glad to have me "back" after a year of being semi-conscious. I was sure I would never make another ten years. Now I feel that is going to be easy. You can find a solution. Jim
  7. Kevin: I have had two spinal fusions, one in 1997 and a second in 2007. Each was successful in reducing pain. Each also resulted in some nerve damage to my left leg. I have a 20% loss which results in a limp but I walk OK with a cane. Its called neuripathy (sp) and it doesn't get better. I would still recommend the fusion if pain won't go away. For the last year I was on Norco, percocet and morphine for my right hip. Now that pain is gone thanks to the hip replacement which has been a big success. Both of my knees were replaced in 2001 and 2002. They work great. I am better now than I have been in several years. I only take Ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain and I have been helping Martha more than in a long time. See a good doctor and take his/her advice. Major surgery is scary but I have had so many I no longer fear them at all. If you have any questions, I am glad to answer what I can. I have a very good idea what you are going through. Don't give up. Do what you need to. Jim
  8. When my first band, "The Reason Why" was ready to play in 1965 I needed an electric guitar and amp. I found a used Fender Princeton amp with 15 watts of tube power and a Jensen 8" speaker used from friend. I visited Stannard's Music, our family friend's place and shopped for a new instrument. The best I could afford was a translucent orange Framus with a cutaway, two pickups, a whammy bar and a hard case. They let me take it with the promise to finish paying for it at $10/week for 6 weeks. I played it for almost two years. The action wasn't great and after 3 X 45 minute sets, most of my fingers were bleeding. The last night I played it was for a High School dance in Hopkins, Michigan after a football game. We were nearly finished, three songs from lights out, when I whirled around to make a few final adjustments to my new amp. Dick had Silvertone 80 watt twin 12" Jensen and i had a Heathkit Combo amp, solid state, 100 watts with a pair of Jensen 12"s. It sat on top of a custom built cabinet I made to the same specs as a Fender Dual Showman bottom. I loaded it with a pair of JBL-D-130F speakers and it was awesome. The head stock of the Framus hit squarely on the corner of the amp and instantly the neck and head stock parted ways. I was holding the guitar while the six strings kept the tuning keys on the head stock from hitting the floor. I had to play bass for the last three songs. The next day I carefully fitted the broken pieces together. You could barely see the break. It was right on the seam where the original glue joint was made. I used the best glue I could find, clamped it together and the next day I restrung it. It played as good as new. Eventually I did trade it in for a Martin D-28 flat top and then that guitar for a Gibson ES-335 cherry guitar like the one Chuck Berry (and Marty McFly) played. That is a guitar I sure wish I had back. But, as with my graduation present golf clubs and my Remington 1100, 12 gauge shotgun there came a time when cash was short and baby needed diapers or formula and they were gone. Jim
  9. Gary: Glad you found the site. You will love the Carver M-500t, it is a wonderful amp. I had several and never had any complaints. I also owned two pair of E/V Interface:A speakers. I assume you are using the supplied active EQ. I have very fond memories of those speakers. I have at least a dozen pair of E/V speakers right now including a pair originally made in the early 1960s. They have been modded with new tweeters but I listen to them everyday. I spent almost 40 years in the DJ business and used E/V speakers from my first gig in 1973 with the Interface: A speakers through many models and now use the E/V SX-200 system. Feel free to ask questions and learn about your gear. Jim
  10. Jim Coash

    Favorite Pictures

    You know that picture of the totally cool JBL rebuilds is awesome but my ears hurt looking at that room and thinking what it must sound like. Talk about massive overkill. Nice conversation pieces though, if you have any ears left after cranking them. Jim
  11. Remember, I was one of the last people in the A/V business to actually own a CD player. My experiences with them was very negative from a reliability standpoint. Now I own at least a dozen. They are still the most trouble prone, unreliable, expensive to repair source units I have EVER owned. The latest ones have been much more reliable than the older ones. The only repairs I have done, successfully to CD players are belt replacements, especially loading belts, cleaning the slides and optics and re-aligning mechanisms. I tell all my friends DO NOT push the door closed. Use the button. It is the safest way and will avoid problems in the future. Still, many "insist" pushing the door shut is just fine. True only if you use just a light push squarely in the center of the door. I have had to remove paper labels from mechanisms so I tell people never to use them. Now, after selling off the bulk of my vinyl, CDs are my biggest software investment. As I said, my biggest disappointment has been the failure of so many of the CDs I and my friends have custom made. Those that were made on quality blanks have held up better. Those made on poor ones seem to be reliable for less than ten years at best. I agree completely with Chuck. Unless you are extremely careful, CDs in cars will suffer an early demise. Both the machines and the software. Of course, we live in Michigan. Perhaps the weather where you are is less of a problem. When it is very cold, I let CD players acclimate slowly to the temp and humidity problems. At gigs, cold CD players must be warmed before use, after traveling in the car for long distances. The CD rack is always in the warmest place I can carry it. Jim
  12. I have had little or no trouble with any CDs I bought new. Of course, I treat them the same way I treat all software. No matter what it is, vinyl, tape or CD, they are always stored in the original box or package in a cool dry place. My home is humidity and temperature controlled most of the year. All vinyl is clean, in a VRP, stored on edge, alphabetically in the original sleeve the open end turned 90 degrees to the top. All tapes are in the original package. Played back to the start, never fast wound, cassette or reels. Also stored carefully. CDs in the jewel box, stored either in a nice rack or a zippered Case Logic unit. No software of any kind is ever left in the car. When I do take some on a trip, it goes with me back inside the house or to my hotel room. Nothing is ever left in any machine. I have seen plenty of tiny holes in burned CDs that do eventually skip and are then worthless. I always buy Maxell, TDK or Sony blanks and I record them in real time on one of three machines, always one track at a time, analog. By far CDs are the worst format I have ever seen. Period. A few of my records have some surface noise, a few cassettes have gotten eaten and if not repairable, thrown away. I have never lost a reel. When I had DAT and DCC they were OK but definitely second only to CDs in terms of problems. I have thrown away several CDs. Sometimes I was able to copy at least some of the tracks to a new CD but a few would not work at all, in any machine I tried. There is no question that a lot of people are to blame for the poor condition of their CDs but I am not one of them. It bothers me to know how much time I spent recording just to find out that the CDs after 5 to 10 years become a problem. Just one reason why I mistrust them so. I love vinyl for sound and longevity. Jim
  13. I had extensive experience with CDs in car systems during my Stereo Showcase years. So many times I had someone ask me to sell them a CD player and I pointed out the likely problems they would encounter. Even so, I sold some. Invariably, several came back and complained about the poor quality of the equipment I sold them. Most of the time the CDs were simply trashed from being in the vehicle; dusty, dirty, scratched, worn and abused. My first test was to take a couple of them into the store and prove that they would not play in any CD player. Then take one of my CDs out and demonstrate that it worked just fine. My stock statement about CDs in general was, they are clean. quiet and dynamic. They are also the most unreliable, service intensive and over hyped product I have ever come across. I never bought a CD player for my vehicle until they came with one and cassette was no longer available. I have nothing against CDs except that the records I have that are 50 years old still sound great, none of my CDs ever sounded as good and quite a few of the ones I burned do not work. I have cleaned some that skipped successfully but some just do not work ever again. I have found some machines that will play more of my questionable CDs that others but I am reluctant to ever really trust CDs the was I do vinyl or tape. All I can do now is preemptively copy my favorite CDs to a new burned copy before they get too old. The question is, how old is that? 5 years, 10 years? The thing that really made me mad was the big billboard near my store put up by Classic Stereo that said, "Denon's $200 CD player, perfect sound forever". Words I would NEVER use about anything. Jim
  14. Delicious vinyl. Some great finds are still out there. Gov't Mule on vinyl is interesting. Tom Brignall was one of my employees at Stereo Showcase and his Uncle Bob the last and best drummer in my band. I have the CDs of two albums but no vinyl. I recognize so many of these and some that I had long ago and sold off when I dumped the bulk of my collection. At one time it was huge, over 10K, My son Chris had his choice first and still owns most of that, I kept only my top favorites, about 500 and the rest went to a collector with the maple shelving. Most of my CD collection are compilations of the favorite albums of the past. Plus all the taped recordings and burned CDs I made either for saving oldies or for specific gigs. Here I am, very sick, with the vinyl behind me, in 2005. The whole wall was vinyl, end to end, top to bottom, alphabetical. Jim
  15. Jim Coash

    Favorite Pictures

    Martha with Chris, me in 1973, Martha's Uncle Clifford and Martha with Chris and Aaron. Favorites! Jim
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