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  1. After I returned from Vietnam I went into a Sears store and bought a very complete set of Craftsman tools and a tool box. That was in early 1970. Still have most all those Craftsman tools 46 years later! I broke the 1/2" ratchet many years ago, by using it as a hammer! That was a stupid thing to do, so never took it in for warranty replacement since it was totally my fault. Bought another Craftsman to replace it. The screw drivers are worn down but still mostly usable. I've rebuild a couple of small block chevy engines with them, as well as lots of work on cars in the past years. Now days the tools mostly sit in the tool cabinet and don't get used near that much. I'll pass them down to my son some day.
  2. Nice!!!! Thanks for the link. I'll be downloading the entire album.
  3. Happy Birthday Wayne!! Sorry I missed it.
  4. Thank you for posting this video. As he said, behind each and every name is a story of a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice. God bless them.
  5. Great story. Thanks for posting this. A fun read. The O2 could be a widow maker if the pilot had the misfortune of an engine failure just after take off, especially if it was the front engine that failed. Hydraulic pressure to operate the landing gear was only supplied by the front engine. Of course if it was the rear engine that failed, climb performance at max gross weight was dicy at best. Here is what the operators manual had to say about that. I was fortunate to have been trained in the O1 Bird Dog, which was a single engine airplane, and a very fun one to fly. BTW Matthew, I like your avatar. I was a scout pilot in Vietnam and flew the original version, the OH6A. Mr Hughes certainly knew how to build a fantastic LOH. Also flew several civilian models, but never had the chance to fly the NOTAR version.
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