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  1. Had some folks asking how Joe was doing, so thought I'd give an update. There is good and bad news. The good news, if you can call it that, is they are changing his MS diagnosis to CRION (chronic relapsing intermittent optic neuropathy). Basically acts like MS, but mainly in the optic nerves. The immune system attacks the optic nerves. None of the meds that treat MS will work, so to get him off steroids, he's going to have to take immunosuppressants that will kill the "B" cells that make antibodies. The steroids have wreaked havoc on his body, weakened his diaphragm muscle, weakened his bones, messed with his immune system, and have his heart beating too high. Hopefully getting off the steroids will help him get back to better health. I'm worried though that the immune system suppressants will cause him some health problems. He finally went back to work on Tuesday, started puking at work Thursday, had to go home and take today off too. He ended up in the hospital again for 3 days last week, septic again. He's been pretty sick since he got back from the Mayo Clinic. A lot of time in bed unfortunately. Thanks guys. Please keep Joe and Timmy in your prayers.
  2. Thanks Brian. Yeah, one of the things that drives up the price is the high $ tubes. I could drop the price with no tubes, or just generic tubes I have. I'm open to offers that's for sure.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion PapaJoe. I have not checked into selling on Audiogon, but I'll give it a look.
  4. OK, the Sunfire Classic Vacuum tube control center is going to epray unless someone wants to make me an offer I can't refuse. I'd rather not run this through there because it goes through the business and my ss#. Of course the 13% loss also is a bummer. Asking $2400 plus shipping paid by check.
  5. ---SOLD--- Raven Audio Blackhawk Limited Edition Integrated Amp asking $2400 plus shipping paid by check. ---SOLD--- If anyone is interested in any of the other equipment please let me know. Make me an offer I can't refuse!
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