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US record cleaner


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While tinkering this morning around the shop thought I'd share a few shots of my DIY ultrasonic record cleaning setup.  This follows up on my old US cleaning thread.
I use a solution of DI water, Triton X and 99% ipa in the US bath.  I slowly rotate the stack of (4) albums over the course of 30 min at 30C.  I then use a spin clean with a DI and mild 90% ipa solution as my rinse step.  I have now moved to air drying the albums where I used to wipe down with clothes.
I now clean all album new or old. 
Once they hit the table I us an AT anti static brush
20170115040500500.jpg 20170115040541468.jpg
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Since you are tinkering, a next step (perhaps already in someone's basement): an automated system that conveys sequentially loaded LPs into a cleaning vat, spins LPs (one or more) in the cleaning solution for a programmed time, lifts to spin off residual fluid, then moves them to a rinse vat w/spin, lifts to spin discharge residual fluid, then conveys to an end-of-line drying station. 
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Yes I do the same.  What is your proportion mix?   as for drying I got some wire filing racks at office Max  for putting envelopes in.   http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/524272/Office-Depot-Brand-Wire-Incline-File/

US Cleaner
128oz DI water
4-6 oz 99% ipa
10mL x-100
Spin dry
Fill to the line wit DI water
2oz of 90% IPA
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Fair enough. I use 10CC in 4l (~1Gal.) for the wash, 5CC for the rinse solution. 
We used less than that concentration for leak testing in paper coffee cups back when I was in that business - where do you think I appropriated the lab quality X-100? emwink.gif 
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Very cool set up HT.

Thank you for the pic and documenting your cleaning process!


I use a similar cleaning process with old and new vinyl. However, I do prefer a pressure spraying type set up such as the gem dandy to clean those grooves. It's simple and effective. You could even make your own.

Here's the one I use:





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Here is my thread from a year or so ago and my test results under a microscope.  It looks at the Spin clean vs the US cleaner and a couple different solutions for the US. Just a FYI it might have something useful for your application
After reading back over my thread I may reduce the X-100, maybe.....  What I end up with I am happy with, so it may be if its not broke dont fix it!
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