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I'm new here, thank you, thought I'd join the group to see other Carver owners and their gear, I just purchased a TFM-15CB power amp, powering my Ohm Walsh 4 speakers, with a Micro Seiki MB-14 turntable.

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Hi Folks, Dave here and I am glad to sign up and meet you all.


I have been an audiophile for the past half-century -  and 50-years ago is when I got my first reel-to-reel.


All my custom builds to date have been tube-based but lately, I have been quite impressed the high sonic quality that good solid  state can produce. One of the nice things about tubes is that they provide natural sounding odd-order harmonics. That's because closed tubes by definition have a node at one end and antinode at the other, so there's no way for even-numbered frequencies to be present.


But ever since I picked  up my Carver AV- 705x, and used it for music,  I have been thinking “Who needs this odd-order harmonic “dirt”?"

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Welcome @kittoartista and @Rodango


Glad you found us.


Looking forward to more stories about your audio journey..., trials and tribulations along the way...


It's not a destination, it's a journey, never over until the very end.

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Welcome to the site - both of you! 


Nice setup, @kittoartista!   What are you using for a preamp?


@Rodango, you'll find plenty of kindred spirits, here.


Once you have a few posts under your belt, we'd love to see pictures of your gear!  :D



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