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  1. B-Man

    Zumbini - It's Time Again...

    Awesome !! Congrats !! If you are going to be a techie guy, it's hard to argue with MIT credentials !!! Any news on the study idea at Cambridge ?
  2. B-Man

    New Guy from Metro Detroit

    Thanks for including us in your Carver journey. If you get stumped don't be afraid to ask - there's lots of talent here. Be sure to throw some pics of your set-up in the Member Systems section. Enjoy !!!
  3. B-Man


    Misplaced Childhood is one of my favorites !!! The funny part is everyone here knows Kevin isn't joking !!!
  4. Well Mark - you owe me now. Your 1st post led me down a Youtube rabbithole that almost took me away like a black hole !! In my journey through the miles-long rabbit hole, I watched a video where they put one of those drops in a press and it didn't shatter until there was almost 20 TONS of force being exerted on it. I think they may have finally found something harder than a teenagers' head !!! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed that bit of learning quite a bit.
  5. I would love the chance to audition all of that gear in a system that has been assembled together like Ray has done. I think it would give insight into how he hears vs how I hear. I think I may be able to afford a couple of those items but I'd never be able to pronounce the names or type them out to order them !!!
  6. B-Man

    Carver Etched Glass Karma

    It's very nice of you to offer this to all of the inmates here. In please !!!
  7. B-Man


    Hey - another audio genius !! (With the name Brian, it just makes sense !!!) We are glad you found us. Your story has more to do with a lot of us here than you might think. Thanks for sharing it with us. Please look around, post some pictures and let us know if you need help with anything.
  8. That is one of my favorite albums. Would you please elaborate on the exact copy you have ? I want to see if I can find it and give it a test run. Do you know if you can FLAC it and preserve the 5.1 playback and all the other nuances / subtleties you have noticed / like in the recording ?
  9. As far as media goes, you guys will laugh at me but I listen to FM radio 98% of the time. I turn it on every weekday morning at 5:00 AM and it plays all day until around 6:00 PM. When I listen "seriously" I will play CDs on my Sony BDP or just use JRiver with the FLAC files. I took the time to rip all of my CDs to FLAC. JRiver is the mechanism to get that digital music to my analog ears. I love JRiver for a multitude of reasons, but one of my top five would be this : Select an album you don't know. Play it. When you hear a track you particularly like, JRiver lets you give it a star rating. 1 - 5, 5 being the best. Now, when you are just wanting to play familiar tunes that you know and like, simply tell JRiver to randomly play only 3 star tunes, or 5 star tunes, or any star-rated tune, etc. It's a great way to jukebox play a large collection without having to hear songs you don't particularly like, especially in a party or get-together atmosphere. I am lucky in that my tired ears think CDs and FLAC sound awesome - I need not search for improvement in that arena. Saves me money for Jack & Coke. 😊
  10. B-Man

    Yanny or Laurel, I heard Laurel

    Weird - I hear an amalgam of the two. It starts yanni but ends with laurel and somehow they are intertwined so I literally hear both words. The yanni does seem more pronounced though.
  11. B-Man

    Just bought a TFM-75

    Congrats on buying the Carver equivalent of a freight train !! Welcome to the site. Thanks for jumping right in - we are glad to have you. Find some AR9's - they will love how that amp will easily wake them up.
  12. B-Man

    The Dude's BillD modded C-1 Karma

    Congrats Mr. Rotten !!! Awesome Karma Rod - thanks yet again for being you...
  13. B-Man

    Zumbini - It's Time Again...

    I would say that he is a perfect candidate for starting something involving a 3-D printer. It's unreal the products people are making and selling today because of that technology.
  14. B-Man

    Zumbini - It's Time Again...

    Wow !! It seems like just the other day when you told us how much smarter Zack is than me... :-) Thanks for the update - you should be a proud poppa !!! I hope to meet you both some day.
  15. B-Man

    RIP Barbara Bush

    The battle is over - RIP...