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  1. B-Man

    3 lightstars not for sale

    Wonder why he's selling them ? Maybe more important to ask is what he is replacing them with ???
  2. B-Man

    Do you know any jokes?

  3. The person who packed a nice amp like that is an a$$hole. F!@# them for doing that !! Sorry, blatant stupidity like that really pisses me off. F'in moron - even the UPS store will pack it better than that - and they suck !!
  4. B-Man

    Steal on a M500 and a c-1

    Why are you dragging up posts from over a year ago ? We get it - you have gear to sell. Post it in the proper place and let nature take its course.
  5. B-Man

    Pindrops system with an "Amazing" twist!

    Thanks for sharing. It's important to remember something about Sonic Holography and speaker placement - sounds from the speakers travel at a known speed (varies slightly with humidity, pressure and temperature) so the physical placement of your ears and the speakers is of paramount importance if you are to realize the benefits of Sonic Holography. Remember one thing - your ears cannot see the listening environment.
  6. B-Man

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    Actually, if you were to calm down and read the entire thread, you would see that YOU are the person that turned it into a "personal attack" against all of us who work for Greg. Everything was civil and light banter back and forth, discussing the legal / moral / ethical / electrical aspects of the whole MKII process. You were even participating in the discussion and it was civil. Through the natural course and progression of the conversation, unfavorable information about Russ Kall was exposed. That does not mean anyone attacked anyone. Facts are facts and they don't just go away. This thread has turned into a shitshow. Consider the show over.
  7. B-Man

    Clearing the air / Russ Kall merchandise.

    Wow. Disappointing. Greg did an outstanding job of explaining the how's and why's of the MKII process and somehow you come away with it being a personal attack ? FWIW - Rich's design had the fulcrum bias circuitry right at the device / heatsink end of the cable. Russ Kall moved it to the board side. It was positioned at the heatsink end for a reason - and it wasn't for cosmetic reasons, it was for electrical reasons. Rich drilled new mounting holes for the TIP devices because their leads were too short too allow a proper strain relief bend when soldering to the board. Russ Kall decided to just flex the board a bit and to have a much smaller contact patch of the TIP device legs to the solder pads. Again, Rich did it right, Russ Kall took the easy way out. Russ Kall did not have a proper load bench set-up for full power testing of his completed MK2 upgrades. That is why the units with counterfeit transistors were shipped to customers as good units. If he had stress tested the amps like the rest of us do, the counterfeit devices would have blown up on his bench instead of at the customers' houses. I have repaired other devices that were "serviced" by Russ Kall. The short story is a lack of attention to detail and the failure to test every aspect of the device is why they ended up on my bench. Russ Kall has electrical know-how and ability. The problem is he looks at the repairs / upgrades as a way to make money - which means time is of the essence for him. IMHO his sourcing the faceplates is something better suited to his methodology - it requires no testing on his part. None of that is bashing or a personal attack. All of those points are facts that cannot be disputed. How and why Greg, Mark, Dennis, Wayne or myself decide to repair Russ Kall modded amps is up to us. In the spirit of this site, we have been repairing them without charging the going MKII upgrade rate. It amazes me that anyone can take all of this info and try to spin it into an attack on Greg or anyone else. I have an idea for everyone who thinks this is an attack on anyone - please tell me exactly how many times YOU have offered to repair other people's work, for free, just because they log into a web forum (where there is no entry fee or price of admission, BTW) and participate as a member ? We have all done it and several of us have even covered the shipping. Unreal. Sometimes I wonder why Greg bothers with keeping this place going. But then Curtis or Rodney or Travis or Charlie or (insert name here ___________) posts about a great album, a nice C-1, a review, etc. and I am instantly reminded why Greg keeps this place alive - MOST of us have a love of all things audio, especially Carver gear. Kudos to everyone who reads and understands this as it was intended. For anyone who wants to take this and spin it into something it's not, I feel sorry for you. Perhaps you should hang your hat elsewhere ???
  8. B-Man

    Society woes

    The Gangnam Style video is crazy - over 3 BILLION views. Gives me real insight into why I don't do well with younger folks these days... Does anyone else find the elevator guy more than a little bit disturbing ??
  9. B-Man

    New Member

    Welcome !! Thanks for joining the asylum !! We love getting new inmates... Get a partial refund, keep the amp and use the $$ to have it refreshed. It's a great unit and it probably would enjoy working in your system for many years to come.
  10. Good point Greg. I don't wonder. When people don't like what measurements have to say, they typically avoid stating them. Kinda like wires and such. 12 AWG is fine for supplying 20 amps @ 120VAC to a table saw (2,400 watts, BTW) but somehow it isn't up to par for sending 1,000 watts to a speaker ?? People are funny. :-) Flame suit on !!! :-)
  11. B-Man

    Free Trade

    F'in AWESOME !!! Thanks for the early morning laugh !!!!
  12. B-Man

    Bands/singers you “should” like, but don’t.

    I too think DSOTM is over-rated. I am a Pink Floyd fan, but in small doses. Comfortably Numb - awesome guitar work by Mr. Gilmour. There's No Way Out Of Here on his self-titled album is awesome. Cry From The Street, on the same album, shows the man knows how to make a guitar sound raw and powerful. Rattle That Lock is another album I enjoy. As far as Jimi goes, Voodoo Child is my favorite work by him - but SRV did it better, IMHO...
  13. B-Man

    eBay C-1 > A Good Deal

    To me, that faceplate looks more molested than milled, FWIW... As crappy as that picture is I don't know how you see professional results Dom ?? Here, let me publish a freaking worthless picture because, you know, taking a clearer one costs way too much money !!! People amaze me. Gee, I wonder why having the camera facing the sun in the window screws up the shot ?