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  1. 117 - to go to the tech toolbox too !! Thanks for the awesome Karma !!
  2. B-Man

    8 Ohm Dummy Load Karma

    Congrats guys !!! Thanks for the Karma Dennis & Dadvw !!!
  3. B-Man

    Apple Karma

    Wow !! Nice Karma !! In with 275 please...
  4. In the spirit of WTH ???
  5. B-Man

    What are you listening to?

  6. B-Man

    What are you listening to?

  7. Welcome !! Glad you found us. You will find all kinds of great information and people here. There are no dumb questions - ask anything and it is likely someone here will have an answer for you. Look around - there's a wealth of information on many subjects and it is free for the reading. If you think you might want to "upgrade" or add to your system while hanging out here, I have a suggestion for you - take out your wallet. Look it over very carefully. Admire how well it conforms to your pocket after having had it for so long. Now look at it very seriously and say "Good bye"... These folks will cost you some $$$. 🙂
  8. B-Man

    Hashy's Bench

    There will be mental vindication when you run across some of the idiots we talked about. 🙂 Find a good tax person / accountant. Start keeping a mileage log in your vehicle to track ALL work related mileage - including travel to Carverfest. Keep every receipt and note on the back who / what the expense was. My hunting buddy does this for the properties we manage and hunt on and it is amazing the amount of $$ his tax guy saves him every year - completely legally. You guys work for it, Uncle Sam is going to try and take what he can - it's up to you to protect it !! I won't say good luck - this isn't about luck. It's about drive, skill, brains - you two have all of that in spades !!!
  9. B-Man

    A Star Is Born

    I saw it and thought it was a pretty good story. Bradley Cooper is a great actor. Lady Gaga should drop the stage name and just go with a simple version of her name. She can sing and she can act.
  10. B-Man

    Not all modifications are good

    That undercoating was applied after the truck had been exposed to salt or whatever corrosive materials it was exposed to. You can't fix rust once it starts without completely removing it. Period. End of story. Oh yeah - don't buy vehicles from a manufacturer that thinks square wheel wells make sense... 👹
  11. B-Man

    8 Ohm Dummy Load Karma

    Dennis is the man. Not in because I need something for a M1.0t MKII Opt. 002... 🙂