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  1. He invented celluloid roll film. NASA says that won’t happen again until 2287.
  2. Truly catastrophic and horrific for the Bahamians...
  3. "The Earth? Oh, the Earth will be gone in just a few seconds. Oh, I'm going to blow it up. It obstructs my view of Venus."
  4. It is awesome to see another new face here. Welcome to the nut house. πŸ™‚ The BillD modded C-1 has several things changed to help it sound just that much better than stock - much improved op-amps, metal film resistors in the signal path, better quality caps in the audio path, MLCC caps, the phono input capacitance is changed to better match today's cartridges, the headphone circuit is modified a bit, etc. Bill took a logical, deliberate look at the unit as a piece of electronic gear and said "What do I have access to today that can make a measurable, listenable (if that's a word?) improvement over an already well designed pre-amp? His results speak for themselves. Probably the biggest improvement most folks report isn't audible in a sense - it is how quiet the unit is with no signal. Hiss, hum, etc. is astonishingly low or non-existent. A few others here have added other physical design improvements & other electrical modifications (improved RCA jacks, better feet, better cover screws, balanced outputs, improved power supply, remote volume control, etc.) and just made it that much better & user friendly. The results have been measured and reported here on the site and there is tons of documentation on how to do many of these mods yourself available here as well. Please don't be shy - ask questions. No haters here - we won't allow it. This is truly one of the best places you could choose to hang your hat in cyberspace and we are happy you are here. Now post some pictures of your gear so we can all feel a little better about our own WAF compromises. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
  5. You can't spell crap without spelling rap !!
  6. Yeah, well, they should terrify us. I remember the drills in school too. There is still something fascinating, at a primitive level, about explosions. FWIW - I opened the link in a Chrome Incognito tab and the video played for me. That wasn't a nuclear explosion but it was a big one for sure. This video got my attention - a true demonstration of why velocity is king !! https://www.dvidshub.net/video/403786/electromagnetic-railgun-fires-high-velocity-projectile-hvp?jwsource=cl
  7. Stupid video wouldn't load for me - I like explosions !!!
  8. Are you coming to Carverfest ?
  9. Bring it Motor City mad goose !!! I got something for ya !!!
  10. Fascinating for sure. I'm a little surprised that these guys are afraid of a goose... 27:12
  11. PM me your PayPal addy ? I want 5...
  12. Seeing that album, sitting next to a Motley Crue divider, just speaks to me in some disturbing way...
  13. Another one that doesn't seem to have quite the catalog of knowledge is SoundHound. I use it and Shazam. I find SoundHound to be better for me for how I use it - I capture music unknown to me and then, when I am shopping at McKay's I pull up the history and start looking. I know Shazam has the history as well but it has "stranded" me a few times at McKay's, leaving me unable to retrieve my history shopping list. If you guys get down to TN & NC be sure to take a shopping list and plenty of $$. They have new and used CDs, LPs, DVDs, SACD, etc. Most are used and priced from $.25 for "very scratched" to regular price for an in-demand, new or unusual release. FWIW - I have bought tons of the very scratched items and never had one not play. Most music is divided by genre and artist - except for the very scratched section. Those are just added to the shelves as they come in. It's a real easter egg hunt looking through them... The book selection and video selection is massive as well. It is easy to spend hours in the stores... http://www.mckaybooks.com/our-story
  14. I guess as I age I should get used to seeing these, but it doesn't mean I have to like it... 😞 RIP Rutger - great talent indeed. The Hitcher was an obscure movie he played a serial killer in. It was an intense, somewhat strange movie back in the day.
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