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  1. B-Man

    What’s happened to our media?

    I wish I could say I'm surprised but in a country that embraces garbage like "The Bachelor", "Real Housewives", etc... I think the inability of the audience to actually analyze what the news is saying vs what the news might be is so prevalent that it no longer matters.
  2. That has been my overall experience as well Ray. I guess us old farts were raised to just show up and work, without requiring a trophy or someone to tell us what great employees we are because we came to work today.
  3. I think the word is reluctant. I remember being taught in high school that atoms were the smallest particles in the universe. Fast forward and we know that's far from the truth. I think a tariff discussion from 30+ years ago means little in today's global economic model. Is it a permanent solution to a much larger issue ? Absolutely not. Is it a tool to try and modify behavior from abusive relationships ? Absolutely. Americans are, for the most part, stupid when it comes to economics. The majority shop with price being the prime factor in a buying decision. Thus you end up with Wal-Mart and the like. Mediocre products at best for a disposable mindset society. I'm disappointed and amazed at the same time when I see the lack of understanding in the business world today. I routinely interview potential employees for my engineering team. It is amazing to see the resumes of most (not all) of the applicants who are 35 or under. An 18 month stint at a half-dozen companies is more common than not, yet they learned virtually nothing about the business during their tenure. The salary they usually request is equal to or more than what I pay my senior, expert team members. The last two engineers I hired are 48 and 60 years old. Both had 20+ years at their former company. I passed over 20+ candidates who fit the description above to select these two. I put the blame for today's lack of manufacturing here in the US in two camps - Wall Street and environmental wackos. Wall Street greed is what pushed manufacturing offshore from a financial perspective, environmental wackos supported and expanded the thought process indirectly. What's funny is how hypocritical that thinking is - "I want to protect the environment." Noble thought for sure. However, it is flawed - what they should be saying is "I want to protect the environment HERE." All they have done is push the "dangerous" processes to other countries, where the risk is outweighed by the financial windfall of jobs. In a "global economy" the impact to environment is global as well. Do they really believe the massive pollution happening in China today is not going to affect the rest of the planet ? Why we have allowed colleges to become generators of educated do-nothings is beyond me. Who the hell thinks a degree in history, English, psychology, etc. is going to lead to a productive career, other than a teacher or professor ? Why have the trades that once were the backbone of this country been shamed and made to seem as jobs for under-class or uneducated people ? These jobs have been pushed aside for "service" or "educated people" jobs. The same idiots campaigning for $15 / hr minimum wage can't fathom that salaries for positions with plentiful applicants (Whopper-floppers, convenience store clerks, etc.) are less than salaries for people with in-demand skills that bring $$ to the bottom line (certified AC techs, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, automotive mechanics, etc.). I am not belittling "non-labor" skilled people (network engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, etc.) but everyone can't sit behind a desk. Things have to be built properly and competently. Our willing manual labor force is shrinking, so immigrants are taking many of those positions. If they are illegal the employers exploit that by paying sub standard wages, which depresses the wage market across the board. It is a vicious cycle that we can blame nobody but ourselves for. I tell everyone I know to get a financial planner and build a retirement scheme that is not reliant on Social Security or 401K monies. Both of those are going to be in serious trouble as the Wall Street demands to off-shore everything continues. The whole economic scheme the US has operated on for decades is supported by faith in the US dollar. As China, India and Russia gain enormous financial strength and become less dependent upon the US market for their cash flow, the valuation of the dollar in the open market is decreasing. Once that faith is gone, the chickens will come home to roost - and it is going to be financially catastrophic for the US.
  4. Welcome to the forum !!! Your M1.5t is definitely going to need some love to make it shine. If you order the cap board from Circuits & Concepts via a PM from this site he will ship it to you for free for being a forum member. Lots of documentation on upgrading / updating your C-1. If you run into questions / issues, don't be afraid to raise your hand. Glad you found us - post some noise and you'll be able to throw pics up here in no time...
  5. B-Man

    For you vinyl fans out there...

    From the Bing search homepage today... Colorized Scanning Electron Microscope Image
  6. B-Man

    Desoldering Tool Karma

    In the past, when a Karma was held and the recipient didn't raise their hand, a new number was selected. Most of us would put a minimum post count required to participate as well - it helps to keep the Karma activity within the forum users who are active and participating with regularity - and most likely to continue the Karma flow. Just some food for thought...
  7. B-Man

    First Fires, Now come the Flood’s

    Call me crazy but it should be illegal to rebuild anywhere this happens with that kind of regularity. Glad you missed it this time.
  8. B-Man

    Carver Throws

    Put me in for 1 Ed...
  9. B-Man

    Favorite Pictures

  10. B-Man

    Favorite Pictures

  11. B-Man

    Favorite Pictures

  12. B-Man

    Happy Birthday Sea!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday, From All Of Us To You. We Wish It Was Our Birthday, So We Could Party Too !!! Happy Birthday Ed !!!
  13. B-Man

    Happy Birthday BluesMan57!!!

    Happy Birthday Steve !!! May you have at least 50 more !!! 🙂
  14. B-Man

    Favorite Soundtrack