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  1. dcl

    Happy Birthday itchitch

    Steve, wishing fond memories of the year gone by & every happiness in the next!
  2. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    Of Danish guitarist Jakob Bro, “There is no hurry to this music, but there is great depth." And, "landscapes of sound that are achingly beautiful, sparse, yet full bodied at the same time”. “Much of my music is constructed around melodies. My compositions are almost like a song. But within the frame I set up with a melody, a lot of things can happen. New layers of music are constantly added to the vocabulary, and when you play, you unconsciously get to a new place.” If you cotton to Bill Frisell, or, the lyricism of Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko (whom Bro played with), you might like this.
  3. dcl


    Welcome, Pat O., the canned aerosol "dusters" should not get you into any trouble–the techs here will correct me if I am in error–used at a distance that dislodges debris with minimum but sufficient force. Search with keyword cleaning will bring up some guides with pictures. The contacts for push button switches & rotary dial pots may need cleaning; DeOxit is popular. Welcome.!
  4. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    " I first started listening to jazz when I was a teenager in Tunis in the 70s. At the time I was I was passionately & exclusively devoted to the the traditional Arab music...Paradoxically, I was full of curiosity about other forms of musical expression...The aesthetics of jazz were very different...I didn't always understand...[but] it was an extraordinary field for ...intermixing & cross-breeding...and I felt I could find my place there." "The album title, by Tunis oud master Anouar Brahem, signifies the union between the incredibly complex Arabic modal and harmonic system and the 'blue' so often evoked in jazz improvisation. Throughout, Brahem seamlessly combines the uncommon time signatures, sonic timbres, and whole-tone textures of Arabic music with the dynamic adventure of jazz improv. There is Arabic melody augmented with layers of rhythmic invention, the uncommon time signatures, sonic timbres of Arabic music with the dynamic adventure of jazz improv, Western chamber and Arabic classical music & full-blown quartet jazz jam. " This has been on my wish list–chanced upon it at the library. 😎
  5. dcl

    New Jazz Albums

    Norwegian Mathias Eick, trumpeter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and bandleader, "a highly listenable blend of emotions, without jolting fluctuations...deeply atmospheric", melodic in a way that summons up early Pat Metheny. I think of his music as cinematic, moving one through a window and out into the world, watching it as it passes by, dissolving into it, only to emerge back home transformed. Good thread, Rod, thanks.
  6. dcl

    Happy Birthday BluesMan57!!!

    Best wished throughout the next year & for many more!
  7. dcl

    'Recently Posted In' Block and stuff

    I'm with ☝️Charlie. 👏 to all who design, implement, monitor & manage this site!
  8. dcl

    Favorite Soundtrack

  9. dcl

    Why We Like Sad Music; NYTimes

    Why We Like Sad Music New York Times "SADNESS is an emotion we usually try to avoid. So why do we choose to listen to sad music? ...what we experience when we listen to sad music might be thought of as 'vicarious emotions.'... ...we may be able to improve our understanding of a neglected feature of our emotional system — namely, its sensitivity to something other than palpable needs or threats. When we weep at the beauty of sad music, we experience a profound aspect of our emotional selves that may contain insights about the meaning and significance of artistic experience — and also about ourselves as human beings."