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  1. Janis Joplin’s Electric Energy , The New Yorker, Rock March 15, 1969
  2. "This year, Miles Davis would have turned 90 years old. 25 years after his death, he’s still synonymous with Jazz, but you can find his fingerprints on so many other ideas.Miles Davis’ legacy, represented by every Wikipedia page that mentions him." An interesting read including quotes from each of the 57 Wikipedia entries of people and recordings that were influenced by Miles Davis. Highlights include: Carlos Santana, Brian Eno, Flea, Rick James, Prince, Skyzoo, Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, and Lana Del Ray. And more. Link.
  3. Happy birthday to the late Bob Moog (May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005), American engineer , pioneer of electronic music, founder of Moog Music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. Over the weekend the happytrails & us rendezvoused for Vinyl Fetish at a downtown music hall. Vinyl record dealers converged for a great day of crate digging and vinyl hunting. With LPs pulled from their covers Paul pointed out which conditions were amenable to cleaning with his DIY ultrasonic vinyl cleaner & which were goners. A vendor from Atlanta perked up–An LP cleaner machine? that's news to me!– so we quipped about the potential for an LP cleaning side-business, a mobile service, like a food truck, but parked curbside for LP buyers stepping out the door. This story, seemingly off-course, is getting back to Bob Moog. Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground wafted through the hall & I recalled to another vendor SW pioneering synthesizers, some from Moog, at Motown. That opened the spigot: he regaled me with an account of the origins of the annual Moog Fest, the first being in Asheville. For that event at the civic center Keith Emerson brought his Moogs for repair (the Moog factory is in Asheville) & performed. Kraftwerk took the stage in their stylized matching suits for their signature synthesizer robot pop. One performer, her name not recalled, wowed the crowd , sculpting from air with two hands marvelous theremin music. The annual Moog Fest has since relocated to Durham, NC but Moog factory still resides in Asheville, where you can play instruments in the showroom & tour the little factory. Happy birthday Bob Moog, thanks for the making Moog memories & inspiring new generations of artists.
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    How do we request deliveries–nationwide–with you? Stop over anytime on-the-road. 😉
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  10. Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder (an on-time birthday wish, see link. 😉) The Enduring Otherworldliness of Stevie Wonder
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