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  1. All and any rap, hip hop, heavy metal, ultra modern progressive jazz....and oh yes...Taylor Swift! ( Gosh, I'm picky!)
  2. If Kevin doesn't want it I would take it. Zippo lighter fluid also removes marker quite well and easily. I have a clean top unsigned here that I was going to take to the fest this year. Although tooth paste does work it also has a slight abrasive to it.
  3. Sorry... The custom cables are back ordered right now. I hope to have more soon! You have to be careful to interweave them exactly as shown to get the best results from them though!
  4. Not all items that have outward bad appearances have been mistreated. JG and I just picked up a Mac Mc-240 yesterday from a really old guy who has been saving a rack of vintage McIntosh and other gear for years. His health is failing and he had a neighbor selling some of his equipment. He's been storing all of it in climate controlled conditions since he purchased it long, long ago. The outward appearance of this amp is bad to say the least, but almost all older Macs have pitted chrome chassis regardless of how they were cared for and after examining the flawless and unmolested underside and carefully measuring many of the caps and resistors we discovered them all to be in excellent condition and well within tolerance. It also sported a matched quad of black plate RCA 6L6GC power tubes and all original Telefunken 12AX7's and 12AU7's...only the 12BH7's were not Tele's, but I don't recall that they ever made them. These were USA tubes though and matching. After lugging it home and slowly resurrecting it with a variac it proved to be an incredible sounding amp. I've owned several of these in the past and according to Mac followers the 3 best sounding amps Mac ever produced were the MC30 monoblocks, the MC-225 and the MC-240. This one is no exception. I'd forgotten over the years just how great these sound! It's ugly, but if I ever want to really get crazy with it I can jack it up and change out the chassis for a new one! Another case of "no sub needed" with this and the Altec 19's! I still miss my Mk4 MC275, but in all honesty this one sounds better despite having a much lower output. If your speakers are high efficiency then the old faithful 6L6 is still a great tube! I'll post photos of the ultra clean wiring and bottom later.... ( I'm still listening too much to tear it down to photograph!) ( notice my exotic high end speaker leads!)
  5. I grew up with my dad in public relations and advertising. One of the things I remember most from him helping me with any kind of public speaking was that rather than saying "um" or "ah" when you were giving a presentation or even just speaking with someone was not say anything at that point until you knew what came next.....simply pause for a moment. Not only does it sound more professional than a lot of "ahhs" and "ums"....it demonstrates that you are actually thinking about what you are saying and makes you appear more thoughtful with your speech or presentation than having to interject meaningless words for lack of the next correct ones. PS... My daughter went through the "like" stage in high school for a year or so. She's now a PHD, voted "Educator of the year" for the state of Washington last year and a professor at Seattle university. She gives presentations all around the country and some worldwide. The "like" thing disappeared years ago! Did I "browbeat" her about it?...absolutely, with little effect, but it just faded away on it's own after a while.
  6. There's another site???😮🤣
  7. So glad you finally beat some sense into that server company.. (whoops....just saw the real issue....my bad. I thought it was the server company's fault). Sure is nice to have a "home" again.... Great job Greg! Can't understand why anyone would be terribly impatient when you have no control over a problem, but I'm certainly happy to see the site up again and I know it must have been a huge struggle to get things set straight. My admiration to you and all involved with getting everything up and running again!
  8. @DaddyJT "Can you share the impedance of the volume pot? Remote volume is a deal-breaker for me, and curious of the possibility of modding it..." × Hi.... We use the ALPs 20K although we have also used a 100K with good results as well, although the 100K is a bit more sensitive at the bottom end and the 20K seems a bit more linear...no difference in sound though...only in the volume settings for the unit. We already have a remote kit that can easily be added to the unit and quite possibly our next model will include it, but the power transformer I had custom built for this unit already has extra taps at 6v, 9v and 12v for adding any options that might be needed. The remote we found has power on and off, mute and volume. It already has the motorized ALPs pot on it and it fits perfectly into our face plate. It requires 5 volts to run it and the 6 volt tap from our transformer will work perfectly since the remote board already has a 7805 5 volt regulator built in. The only thing that needs to be changed aside from the volume control is the main power switch that we have. It needs to be changed to a momentary switch instead of a latching switch. Fortunately we planned ahead on this and the switch we use is already available in both latching and momentary. Change that out and add the remote kit and one power relay which is controlled by the remote board (the relay costs less than $10) and there you have it. Easy squeezy. I'd estimate several hours to do the complete changeover.
  9. Because of the delays we experienced with some parts and shipping boxes our initial sales got off to a rather late start...half way through the 1 month sale originally planned. I have convinced JG to extend the sale for another 2 weeks....until the 15th of April to make up for the 2 weeks of lost time at the beginning of the sale. Either JG or I can be contacted for more information. Thank you for the support we have so far received! FXB
  10. Because of the delays we experienced with some parts and shipping boxes our initial sales got off to a rather late start...half way through the 1 month sale originally planned. I have convinced JG to extend the sale for another 2 weeks....until the 15th of April to make up for the 2 weeks of lost time at the beginning of the sale. Either JG or I can be contacted for more information. Thank you for the support we have so far received! FXB
  11. Thank you guys so much! Good thing there's no cake here today....it would look like the photos depicted here!
  12. Great Karma.... I have 4....and with JG 2 of them are almost always in constant use with our preamps... Not in, but a nice deal for anyone who doesn't have one! They're invaluable for shrink.....also good for defrosting older freezers!lol
  13. Great Karma Barry.... Not in, but congrats to your brother...his B'day is one day before mine! If I had to pick o a prime it would be 2, but leave that open for anyone else.
  14. The Alps pot you're looking for is the 27mm Size Metal Shaft Type RK271 Series ALPS and is available in many resistance values. We have used both the 20K and 100K and had excellent results with either. Do not order the stepped fixed resistor ladder type that you can get on eBay for about $6. The steps were too wide apart for our purposes and it was not always possible to get the exact volume that we wanted with it. One step might be too low and the next step would jump to being too high. It might work just fine for your use though. The ones we use cost about $10-$15 on eBay and there are only a few sellers in the US who stock them. Most sellers have the cheaper stepped units. They look very much alike, but the stepped units usually have a fixed loudness tap on them giving them 4 terminals for each section. They're still quality pots, but lack the flexibility of the infinitely variable Alps which only has the normal 3 terminals per section. There are also fake ones out there that are not truly made in Japan. Check feedback on whoever you purchase one from! We order ours directly from the manufacturer to ensure that we have the real deal. We do have some stepped units here that we originally purchased since I normally like fixed resistor "ladder" typed volume controls. We can sell you one at cost if you think you'd like to try one. It might be fine for your purposes.
  15. I think you'll find that the silver anode 6N2's are going to sound as good or better than any 12AX7 you can sub in it, but I'll be very interested in hearing what your experiences are! They have a lower floor noise and lower microphonics of most 12AX7's and are rated at up to 10K hrs of use. The bottom end is also supposed to be better as well. The single 6N1 can be directly subbed with a 6DJ8. We tried several brands including Bugle Boys and the 6N1 sounded better...( to us anyway). Interesting thread here...... https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/tubes-valves/65548-6922-vs-6n1p-bass-response.html
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