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  1. Have a great “B” Day
  2. I would say congrads Robert but I’m not so sure?
  3. I use the Stick plugged into my Denon AVR just like Buck115 and it sounds very good. If I’m doing critical listening I use my OPPO or my TT on a specific album in my collection either on CD or vinyl.
  4. Thanks for all the well wishes all. After a ungodly learning curve with many road blocks (Medicare and long term assistance living insurance policy, along with unmitigated malfience by the hospital and rehab-facility) I found a great place she can afford. (I think) Now to selling the house. All that have preceded me in this type of endeavor will understand. Tomorrow is her 94th birthday. Damn it is so nice to have a place with a group of like minded folks and friends to share something like this. Sincere thanks
  5. Thanks all! I am in Texas right now trying to find a assisted living facility for my Mother along with cleaning out her home and selling it.
  6. This is my go to to test systems and speakers. It has outstanding presence and sound stage imagining along with a full range of FQ from very low to very high along with varying attacks of speed of instruments and bass. If your system is set up correct the sound stage will be well beyond the speaker placement. It's cheap too.
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