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  1. So sorry you & Jen had this happen greg!! happy nobody was injured, I am sure it is a terrible loss! hope your insurance takes care of some of the loss! again, sorry you guys had to go through this!! 😞
  2. Glad your Happy with them Eric! Enjoy the music!!?
  3. congrats Greg!! I am sure it will be a Success!
  4. thanks Robert, we appreciate all you do!
  5. yes, he is missed by many of us!! lots of his posts still out there! RIP Gary!
  6. I had one of my tfm 42 amps refreshed @ Hi-Tech Audio Ltd & Rolland did a great job & the amp sounds great! only negative I could say about Hi-Tech Audio Ltd is Rolland has a pretty big backload of work so you will have to wait many months to get your amp back but really not much you can do, most quality audio repair places have a large backload of work! my second tfm 42 was refurbed by Greg, a aministrator on this forum! he did a great job & amp sounds great as well!! either one is a very good option in my opinion! Hi-Tech Audio Ltd is in Oregon & Greg is in Michigan so amybe
  7. Thats why we are putting all you guys in cabin 5!! keep you all in one place!! LOL
  8. cabin 5 is a 3 bedroom 3 full bathroom cabin that also has a lower level that can sleep 6 people in the huge bunks, there is also a full bathroom down there making it 4 full bathrooms! plus it has a foosball table & pool table & washer & dryer also! each bed & bath is equipped with luxury bedding & towels! the kitchen is well equiped also with all appliances incuding dishwasher plus hot tub & gas grill on the deck! there is also a outdoor fireplace to sit around in the evenings with firewood provided & also lp for the grill is provided. the grocery stores are about
  9. cabin 5 would be ideal for a bunch of different people as it is the largest on the mountain but also the most expensive, but if you have 6-8 people going in on it the price wouldnt be too bad! for the whole 14 days it cost $ 3200 but split up among a bunch of people it would be much less, plus if you are not staying the whole 14 days it would be cheaper also! these are luxury cabins so they are not cheap to rent but we get a very big discount for CF!! CarverFest 16 cabin list888-604-3075 – press 2, Kristi Parker, General Manager or Chris (mention Carverfest group!)kristi.parker@watershedcab
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