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  1. I thought I felt everything go inside out for a bit the other day ... chalked it up to the drugs. Might also explain why I got a winning lottery ticket next week and can't find it now, and why the morning bacon smelled purple ...
  2. Ya, but can you play it as a desktop background? MS certainly dropped the ball on that one, eh.
  3. Let me lower the bar here with my favorite blonde joke: Blonde standing on the bank of a river sees another blonde standing on the other side. Yells, "HOW DO I GET TO THE OTHER SIDE?" Other blonde yells back ... "YOU ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE!" (ba dump dump)
  4. Just a quick glance, and not sure what the problem was. Law enforcement agencies distributed cameras free of charge to residences with the understanding that they would have access to them in criminal investigations. If they did it right, they got signed permission to view any saved video during a specific time frame, and their warrant was that signed permission. Some issues with hijacking IPs and such, but that's pretty much a chance you take with any web based tech. If nothing else, this pushed Ring to REQUIRE strong passwords and two step verification, and yes, customers are specifically allowed to opt out of those requirements. IMHO, anyone dumb enough to do that gets what they deserve. PS - just got a Ring here, and lovin' it. Molasses is greased lightning next to me, and now when the doorbell rings, I can at least tell folk to hold their horses as I make my way to the door. I'm also working on a "routine" that auto fires when someone rings the bell so the porch lights come on dawn to dusk (the Ring's night vision sucks). I could also let it unlock the door and tell them to come in if I know them. If I don't recognize them Plan B would be to fire up Alexa's chat function, and they can at least discuss the weather as they freeze their assets off ... ;-}
  5. Ever wonder what would happen if PI equaled exactly three? The answer, according to Terry Pratchett, follows: The Post Office Mail Sorter Originally intended to be another of Johnson's famous organs, this device was adapted into a mail sorter (through such implements as a hopper and the presence of imps) in his continual striving for functional improvement. Johnson used in the sorter various gears and other rotating components which for tidiness he constructed with the value for pi of exactly three (rather than the customary "three and a bit") as the ratio between their circumference and their diameter. The Sorter itself came to be known as the New Pie, and eventually caused the downfall of the Ankh-Morpork postal service as the machine started sorting mail that hadn't been written yet. The then-heads of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office tried to use this to their advantage, as they could deliver future mail to people a matter of minutes after (or before) the writer had created it, thus creating a practically instantaneous mail service. This idea was flawed however, as in some cases, post that never would be in that particular trouser leg of time were created. The damage caused to space-time in the immediate vicinity of the machine made it a significant health hazard. FYI - the reason this quote was fresh in my mind ... I picked a book at random from the library just last night, and it just so happened to be Going Postal by the aforementioned author. That said, I just KNEW that PI would be a topic of conversation today!
  6. Ever wonder which side of the mirror is the real you? Here's a fun trick - two mirrors held together at 90 degrees, point your nose right at the seam, and try to figure who's that looking back at you? Faces aren't symmetrical, so you can get some interesting results.
  7. Huh ... mine flips any way I want it to. Maybe you just got the wrong mirror, eh.
  8. Somewhat related experiment here that worked out well ... Never much cared for the onboard phono of my Sansui's, so I went with an Art DJ Pre II stage using a tape loop. Went spelunking in the storage (read: junk) shelves here and came up with an old dbx SNR-1 originally intended to reduce cassette tape noise. Plugged that into the same loop with the Art, and it really does a number on any steady background noise from bad pressings, wear, or just bad mixing. Short version - I like it! Was just talking about it on one of the other forums where someone was working on RR hiss. Handy little devil anyway. PS ... not a fan of clams, either eating or spending them ...
  9. I'll go with the "ease of repair" option for $20 please ... <G> And that's why I decided to stick with the 4136's on a couple other projects, like the H9AV pictured earlier. Still plan to at least maybe play with the ratings on the caps. That won't necessarily improve the power supply, but hopefully make it a bit more robust and/or durable and give the box a bit more reserve as well. PS ... I did add bypass caps to the big electrolytics and a few ICs that were missing them in the original design. You can see a couple of those in the pic posted earlier. There again, did they help? Don't know really - but they couldn't hurt, and as long as I was in there ...
  10. As mentioned earlier, I didn't really hear all that much difference, but then again, the box was on the bench for a while and my brain had time to forget exactly what it sounded like before, making an A/B comparison difficult at best. ** The TI 4136's came in bulk tube rails with no markings on the back.
  11. Just to add controversy ... I'm told the 4136 has weird slew rates compared to newer gen op amps, and the Carver equipment is designed to compensate. That said, rumor also has it that the for real TI chips run rings around the Malaysian chips usually you'll usually find when it comes to what comes out the other end. I did a bulk purchase way back in the day of the TOTL "red line" and silver back chips and have swapped them out on a couple units. Can't say as they helped all that much, but hey ... fun project anyway. And ya ... specs are great to brag about, but I'm more of a fan of sound quality, and that's totally dependent on what my ears think of it.
  12. I'd like to put to rest any rumors that I'm crazy - in fact, I'll prove it! AHAHHHAAA!! Couple items that may be of interest. The C4000 acts as a simple pre for the front channels. All the post processing is done in an external loop, including holography courtesy of the H9AV. The rear channels from the C4000 get all the Carver goodies, PLUS a four speaker Hafler array courtesy of the Quadaptor. That little box drives two sets of book shelves mounted mid ear and high/behind, and allows me to adjust the virtual height of the room with it's fader control. I also run a center channel off the H9AV using an old Eico mono amp and the Bose AV speaker. With the addition of the Sansui quad channels way behind me, things get interesting. Rather than crank those to be heard, I balanced those with the front speakers, then adjusted the C4000's delay speakers (thru the Quadaptor) to bring the middle of the room up to taste. So here I thought I was losing my quad, and in fact have gone ... octa-phonic? Oh. And just because I could - The upper pair of bookshelves are Bose 161's. Those are built to direct sound to the side walls of the room - I flipped them so they fire into the center now. Nice touch I thought.
  13. Well ... anyone else anyway? <G> Having some fun with the system here. My old quad died, so dug the C4000 out of storage and hooked that up. Took some getting used to, but really liking what I'm hearing. Except I was able to run several rooms around the house with the Sansui, something lacking in the new setup. So ... did some more digging and came up with a Sansui QR500 - that's a "quad adapter" that adds the back channels (with amps!) to any stereo. Plan was to just use that in stereo mode to drive a couple of those "missing" rooms, but ... Give me some more buttons to play with and see if I can resist. Right? ;-} One of the rooms I'm driving with the QR500 joins the stereo room with an open arch, and the mid wall speakers there are audible from the great comfy chair. So, of course, the volume kept going up, and those channels are now providing quad ambiance to the main system too. Mix in the delay channels on the C4000 and things get right interesting. Walls disappear, reality as well, and I really REALLY like what I'm hearing here. Evolution of a system folks ... the C4000 sat collecting dust for decades, and now it's gonna be REAL hard to put away again.
  14. sKiZo

    Light Shows?

    Wonder what a couple of those would do for my insurance rates? <G> Anybody else out there with lights? I figure it adds a whole nuther dimension to sound, ok.
  15. sKiZo

    Light Shows?

    Did some digging and came up with this old photo of a show I built into the ceiling of an apartment way back when. Had a whole bunch of xmas lights and mini spots behind the panels, along with mass quantities of foil and tinsel for reflections, and of course, sound active fans to blow it all around for texture. I saved the old ceiling tiles and replaced them when I moved on, but most of the crap stayed there, hidden away. Would have liked to be there when the landlord eventually took a peek and had a hearty WTF moment trying to figure it all out.
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