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  1. This is what I was driving right at the start of the "japanese invasion". Don't remember having much in the way of argument from them now that I think of it ... even the air horns could put a pretty good dent in a Toyota, eh ... ;-}
  2. Define "muscle car" please ...
  3. Maybe just my OCD ... Almost resisted, but couldn't help pointing out your typo ... <G> Here's a plate I've been flying on my bikes for decades now. Funny (ha ha) story - major vehicle accident (that's not the funny part ... read on) and what with the down time, the plate expired. Went to renew it, and got a letter back from the state mumbling something (in a somewhat nicer way) about crazy people possibly taking offense to it. Thinking that was pure unadulterated BS, I went into the local office where the supervisor (also thinking it was pure unadulterated BS) talked to some of "her people" at the state. Plate showed up in the mailbox a couple weeks later. You CAN fight city hall! ;-}
  4. Probably about a hundred ways it's being done, but it shouldn't be much work for the patient. My doctor sent me an email with a link for my "office visit" last week. Kinda like Skype and the like - Just click the link at the scheduled time, and the software does all the work. I clicked in early and got a canned wait video until the doc checked in. Only requirement is a computer with a camera and microphone. Smart phones too - my provider had options for both Android and Apple.
  5. What I said ... fact checking? Got no real beef either way, but some of the rumor I hear regularly quoted as gospel can be a bit annoying. Like me, I guess ... ;-} PS ... big fan of my local carriers and office. Major accident a few years back, so limited mobility for which I receive a "hardship" delivery. Box is right by the front porch on a rural delivery, and any packages are set on a table right by the door. Saves me having to walk a few hundred feet on ice and brave 55mph traffic - no extra charge!
  6. Maybe half of what they provided even a decade ago. They've streamlined considerably to adapt to the changing business climate and models. Doesn't help a bit when they have to deal with Bozos like Bezos, who talked them into investing big time into package handling, only to pull the rug out with their own home delivery service. A little fact checking might be in order ... the pre-payments are REQUIRED by Congress. USPS has no choice in the matter, and agrees it's the biggest obstacle they face as they're not allowed to adjust income (postage rates) and get no subsidies to fund these government requirements. BTW - they're the ONLY business working under the same onus, so sounds like maybe some folk up on the hill got their own personal bones to pick. Love to hear your Plan B ... wait ... lemme go make some popcorn first. There again - it's actually a money maker for the post office. Lots of paperwork saved when it comes to recovery and destruction of obsolete postage, no lines for what would probably be a couple cents make up postage every other year. Tempest in a bucket when it comes to business users too, as they tend to use metered services and purchase postage as needed, for which they're charged the full approved current rate, which ain't forever, no way, no how.
  7. sKiZo


    Feds are closing national parks ... should make it a federal order that six flags and their like shut down for now. Seems to me Disney has already shut down voluntarily. ** If Cuomo has any pull, maybe he can get a release of the National Strategic TP Reserve ...
  8. sKiZo


    I'd hazard a guess that a lot of the current day problems stem from our OVER active medical system and OVER reaction to the small stuff. Perfect example is our OVER reliance on antibiotics that have mostly resulted in the sorts of viral mutations that we're facing today. Super bugs resistant to most anything that won't kill us and all that. PS ... not saying we should start throwing Covid parties for the neighborhood kids (anybody else remember the old "chicken pox parties"?) , but ... there's got to be a happy medium somewhere.
  9. sKiZo


    I should be good then - as mentioned, my bout with whatever it was (was never tested) was amongst the most unpleasant experiences I've ever encountered, including the latest motorcycle wreck that killed me ... (I got better, eh) ;-} I'm not particularly afraid of the reaper We might actually be on speaking terms, sort of ... <G> Funny (ha ha) story - I mentioned dying in a motorcycle wreck - that actually happened, going on three years ago. One of the neighbor's is super religious and asked me about the "tunnel of light" and other such related post death scenarios. I told her, I remember getting to the gates of hell and meeting the devil there. He promptly turned me back saying "we ain't ready for you yet!" ... ~ ~ ~ Also, let's not get TOO carried away with this whole "social distancing" thing. Was just out walking the neighborhood, and most people around here are taking what seems a practical approach to that. You CAN have a practical and satisfying face to face while following the current guidelines. Just be extra careful around kids as they'll forget, which is where that whole "practical adult" thing comes into play.
  10. sKiZo


    Don't forget folks, it ain't necessarily over when it's over ... Had corona like symptoms here a couple weeks back. Talked with my MD on the phone and she gave me the canned 20 questions thing, deciding it was Flu B that's been going around. Worst part was wet coughing or sneezing that would light up my whole chest and leave me gasping - not nice! Didn't kill me, but there were times I wished it would. Once that was mostly over, she also prescribed an inhaler to keep it from settling in my lungs, leading to pneumonia. So far, so good - I mostly feel halfway human once again, and up to solid foods for a change. PS - I had both the flu and pneumonia shots earlier in the year, but apparently the flu shot was kind of a crapshoot this year, with about a 40% effective rate. Waste of a perfectly good needle in my case, but it won't stop me from getting one next year - assUming I'm still around to get one.
  11. sKiZo


    Bears repeating if it's already been said, but a lot of folk are getting drafted into doing home deliveries for their employers - one of those, if you wanna get paid, this is what we got kinda thangs. Be aware that under normal circumstances, a lot of auto insurance companies WILL NOT COVER any losses sustained when using your private vehicle for business related activities! DO check with your agent first!
  12. Or, even better, a DSP solution. I used Room EQ Wizard to run some frequency sweeps and exported that to the "convolution kernel" built into jRiver Media Center. That and a calibrated mike at the primary listening position for the sweeps take all the guesswork right out of it. After decades of screwing with EQ, haven't touched the settings since, or felt the need to. That takes care of all my digital media, which is mostly everything now, as I've also ripped all my vinyl to digital as well. I do have a Technics SH9010 parametric in the system if I have a fit of nostalgia and feel the need to spin some vinyl.
  13. Here's my "tube buffer" ... The Maverick DAC also has analog thru put, so I have that in line with the big tuber. The tube set currently in that would normally be a bit dark for my liking, but a brighter tube in the DAC makes it next best thing to perfect for me. (If you're wondering about the Eico - I drive a center channel speaker with that, using the L+R output from my H9AV) ** Speaking of which, I swapped a Burson discrete op amp into the Maverick last night, so I'll be heading over shortly to give it a listen. Last time I tried that, I really really liked the sound, but the socket is too close to the tube and it burned up. This time, I rolled a heat shield out of some scrap tin and slipped it on the tube. As you can see, there's pretty much zero clearance, but the original OPA627 only sits around a quarter inch high, right? Should be interesting to see what happens.
  14. Also in. PS - I've used a dbx BoomBox for like ... forever here, and it really adds a lot to the mix. One I've got is getting pretty long in the tooth though and will be needing some bench time, so it'd be killer to have something to swap in when the dbx goes under the knife ... Oh. And ya ... gotta take care of the important stuff first. Hope all goes well.
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