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  1. Funny you should mention this. For starters, these cars are rattle boxes to start with. That being said, trying to get this car to not rattle is futile. I did just yesterday take a roll of speaker gasket in the car and try to place it behind panels and trim pieces that were obvious. May give that a go! Chris
  2. I actually have no idea. My tuner chose to road tune over dyno. That being said, it is going on the dyno for some tweaks in the spring, so I'll know then. I'm guessing 420ish to the wheels.
  3. I used POR-15 last year on my campers dual axle wheel/frame and support area. Great stuff. I sandblasted the area, then Dupont 5717S metal prep, then two coats of POR-15 (next day 320 scuff in between), then Rust-Olem top coat after another 320 scuff. A friend has two Scarabs. That's a 280Z with a corvette engine. Scary fast Are those subs dual 12W7's ? Remember, concussion damage is cumulative, and may lead to using and maintaining old audio equipment. Those are 2 10" Dayton Ultimax series subs..
  4. And so it occurs to me... in addition to being very absent from the site...I never posted a final pic of the Iroc! Here she is this past Saturday. Me and my buddy ('68 Skylark) about to head to a small car show. I'll get under the hood photos posted soon..
  5. Well, I haven't been here much lately and for good reason. Reading Casey's post made me think I should probably update you guys on my situation (excluding Bean.. He's heard all about it!). After many IVF cycles, multiple miscarriages, and heartache beyond belief...we finally had our baby girl 3 weeks ago! Miss Cameron is a blessing beyond imagination and I'm over the moon about it. In other news... I need to give mad props to BEAN. He helped me make the transition to a dedicated HTPC in the theater room...as in..he built the HTPC and allowed me to bug him 20 times per day until I got it all lined out. It is ridiculously fast! Initially had a PLEX server running for whole home and KODI locally at the theater. With the new PLEX home theater program, I found it to work much better in my situation and took KODI off of the machine. It's all running like a top now and the wife is all kinds of happy that she can watch our library from anywhere in the house. If anyone hasn't looked at Plex...I highly recommend it! Gents.. that's about all I've got! Hope everyone is having a great beginning to 2016!! Chris
  6. Wow! Congrats to you! Your situation hits home for me and I certainly understand the process well. My wife and I had 5 cycles of IVF until we were finally successful. Stressful is such an understatement, not to mention the burden financially, as you surely know. I'm proud to report that we, too, were finally successful and 3 weeks ago had a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Congrats to you and family!! Chris
  7. cwad8505


    Well, damn. This is terrible news...
  8. Wow... I think you'll have to tell her! Hopefully it dries out ok, although a lighter color will have some transfer from the cardboard!! Reminds me of a few years ago when I went to a buddy's house and picked up some audio equipment and sat it in the back of the truck and then decided to go through the wash... believe it or not, all was well... Chris
  9. Ironic you would mention that... I just ordered a quart the other day! Factory undercoating is still in tremendous condition, with zero rust, but at the point that I'm spraying POR on the sub frame connectors and weld spots, I'll just use it everywhere on the under side and perhaps a bit coming up into the engine bay from the trans tunnel. Thanks for the kudos! Chris
  10. Ok..sorry for the days without an update, but not much had occurred. I woke up this morning knowing the temp would be in the low 70's today and found myself suffering from all the classic symptoms of rectal glaucoma.. I just couldn't see my ass going to work today!! lol I got up and got the motor and trans mated. That went surprisingly easy. I've heard all these horror stories about the TC not wanting to seat and what not.. but it all went smooth. I then went out to my buddy's where the car was and grinded on the frame rails where the sub frame connectors need to be welded in.. should happen this weekend, along with putting in the new motor and trans. Also, I installed a new steering column that eliminated the rag joint and cleaned up the engine bay. Got the old motor and trans out Tuesday eve... a few photos!
  11. Never should have sold that one!!! That's good stuff! Looks like you put some serious time into that motor. As to the tuning, I agree, it has to be done by someone who knows what they are doing. There is a well respected dyno shop about 45 minutes away that I was going to use, but, a buddy's brother just opened a new shop and is getting his dyno set up as we speak. He assures me that he has the knowledge and experience to tune my car. Makes me a little nervous, but, if you see his shop, he must know something!! He has just about got me talked into buying an HP tuner set up so I can change the tune on the fly. He knows Mustangs and Vettes really well. I would think he can pull it off! Chris
  12. Nothing major to report, but I did pick up a few new toys Friday morning! PA Racing tubular K member, trans x member, adj panhard bar, adj rear lower control arms, a arms, afco coilovers, and subframe connectors. I hope to start making some real progress next weekend! Chris
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