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  1. Welcome Taylor K. You certainly came to the right place. Where in Alberta? I have a brother in Calgary. The forum for repair of a TFM-45 would be HERE. You can also navigate there by scrolling down the home page to the Amplifiers section-> Amp Repair-> M-4.0t (also TFM-4, TFM-42, TFM-45). There is a lot of information there as well as there is the Manuals database at the top of the home page. Download the service manual and get familiar with it, including the service bulletins at the end.
  2. Axle Rose (Guns and Roses) and Josh Homme (Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age) come to mind. Josh Homme specifically as he was the one that stabbed my beach ball with a switchblade at the Toronto show. F***K him!!!
  3. The location of the fans in a 1201 are mid board and have slots for the fan blades to spin freely. There are other functions of the board besides the fan, where as other amps have a dedicated fan board, The circuit boards also have traces on both sides. Making it difficult to engineer a relocation fix and tricky to implement. If you can get a new fan that would be the way to go. The speeds can be adjusted by swapping out some resistor values but again, those 2 sided boards are tricky to work on.
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