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  1. Personally I would rather have a belt than a long (ohc) chain. They age according to heating and cooling cycles and weathering, as rubber based items do, not necessarily according to mileage, but are much less expensive to replace. As for followers, once again they are easy to inspect in an ohc engine. So if it’s a follower-roller issue, lack of enough lube/contact surface to cam issue, it’s easy and cheap to identify visually. Even if it’s a durability issue with the roller/bearing itself, it’s a relatively inexpensive part to replace and easy to identify the impending failur
  2. Generally Rich, Audi and it’s parent company makes a pretty strong bottom end,( crank etc.) The torque convertor auto transmissions are weak, but the dcts are pretty strong. If if you are tuning, you are changing spark timing and fuel delivery ( and valve timing if you have a vvt engine) Considering this, the most important advice I can give is, -as the engine makes more power, make sure you are able to feed it more air (‘cold air’ intake), make sure you are able to get rid of more air (decent exhaust mods) and as stated previously -because most of t
  3. Depends explicitly on how the motor is tuned, how it is cooled, and how it is lubricated. If that engine runs rich enough, cool enough, and uses enough and proper lubrication, a long time. Also, using the grey matter between your ears when extreme circumstances are present increases longevity exponentially. If you beat the engine with lots of boost ignoring temperatures and preignition, make sure you have your tech on speed dial.
  4. The Grand Rapids Metro Cruise was this weekend. Traditionally the week after the Woodward Dream Cruise so as not to compete. A little backstory. My father and uncle purchased a Dodge/Dodge Truck/ eventually added Midas Motorhome franchise in ‘68. It was NE Grand Rapids. Most of you know Chrysler built the Wing Cars in ‘69 and ‘70 to dominate NASCAR and for homologation purposes had to build at least 500 cars. 504 ‘69 Charger Daytona’s were built, of which the Hemi 4 speed was produced specifically for NASCAR teams to thrash. Most were destroyed racing them
  5. Wow!! 207! Yikes. ? I just rode my first 450f four stroke motorcross bike over the weekend. That bike would kill me. I’m used to a big bore two stroke.
  6. Very nice clean setup. Welcome to Carversite, sir. That 500 has to sing with that clean analog signal.
  7. Indeed a stunning car. GM engineering has stepped it up for the last decade. Lets see what happens when this chassis gets some horsepower. It should be excellent. The Dodge Boys sent the ACR around the ‘ring in 7:01. We’ll see .....
  8. A Hellcat powered Miata because why not??!! https://jalopnik.com/hellcat-miata-this-is-not-a-drill-1836559824
  9. Name the rock group, one was assassinated, three died of natural causes. Wait for it Mount Rushmore. ??
  10. I remember working at my family’s Dodge dealership washing cars as a young teen with new Daytonas, Caravans, Shelby Chargers..... Praying that the talks about Chrysler buying Lamborghini would come true. And then making absurd promises to my God if Chrysler would build the Viper. While Tom Gale and Maximum Bob Lutz ultimately made the Viper happen, it never would have come close without Iacocca. RIP Lido Anthony Iaccoca And thank you.
  11. Thanks very much for the legwork, sir. I also learned a ton about digital to analog processing here at Carversite, the weakest link in my system at the time. This does beg the question, what streams /stores the best resolution digital and what can be some restrictions (including even network / home WiFi routers etc.) I will also add this to my followed threads. Thanks again.
  12. So my first ‘mediation conference ‘ is in two days. While there are no guns involved ....my wife lied to an Ottawa County (MI) circuit court judge and obtained a restraining order ‘ex parte’ thereby keeping me from every bit of my personal property (we were married when I was almost 40) so not only is my entire audio rig (personal property) at our marital home, so is every motorcycle, Sea Doo, road bike, trailers, etc etc etc that I owned way before we were married. She has total control of all of it. Even though in Michigan it’s still mine. So far I’ve been able to get my clothes.
  13. Congrats Brian!!! looking forward to a thorough evaluation. Nice work as always Mark..... ?
  14. The Isle of Mann TT race is absolutely nuts. There is a fatality almost yearly. I found this highlight reel on Facebook. Hang on tight
  15. “A confidential internal report by Universal the year following the fire estimated 500,000 song titles were lost.” original master recordings. Damn.
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