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  1. Very nice clean setup. Welcome to Carversite, sir. That 500 has to sing with that clean analog signal.
  2. Name the rock group, one was assassinated, three died of natural causes. Wait for it Mount Rushmore. ??
  3. Thanks very much for the legwork, sir. I also learned a ton about digital to analog processing here at Carversite, the weakest link in my system at the time. This does beg the question, what streams /stores the best resolution digital and what can be some restrictions (including even network / home WiFi routers etc.) I will also add this to my followed threads. Thanks again.
  4. Congrats Brian!!! looking forward to a thorough evaluation. Nice work as always Mark..... ?
  5. Yeh I finally found a guy who is excellent. In and out quick. Almost zero pain. A good dentist is one you put on your Christmas card list. Thanks again guys, Dom, Rich, Brian, Mike, King, all you guys. And Charlie for the thread!! ?
  6. Hey you guys. Thanks a lot! I appreciate it. I had some dental work done so I’ve been out a day or two. Yep. Treated my self to some torture on my birthday. I didn’t see this on the fp until just now. ?
  7. What’s old is new again. Everything stated in your last post is spot on. You seem to be on exactly the right track. While the 200 isn’t a power house, it will indeed handle brief transients easily with minimal clipping. I loaded mine at near 3 ohms for hours on end. The headroom obviously isn’t great at that load, so I monitored it pretty carefully, but it never let me down and only shut down thermally maybe once or twice a year.
  8. I wouldn’t worry about the initial power up. I own 2 M-200t amps. One was my first Carver. I beat the hell out of that amp for 10 years at obscene loads before I started seriously building and it has never let me down. Ever. No joke. It was the sole reason I based my system around Carver. If it was stored clean and dry you should have no issues. Clean the external connections with some isopropyl alcohol. Make sure you have a clean source. Enjoy. And we do like pictures. Welcome to Carversite.
  9. Just found the ‘Group Legend’ box mobile. Nice!
  10. Conclusions from Boolean logic only work if you have a complete set of data to extract from. I’ll agree with that. But it’s more complicated than that. If you have holes near the engine/cockpit/control surface, then you protect the them, regardless if the craft made it back or not. Because a successful ‘shooter’ thinks far beyond basic if/then theorems.
  11. I like it. State in feedback the information is free....
  12. I live in GR. I can pick up and ship to you if you need help. Let me know any known markings or I can snap pictures of them for you if needed. Do you have his address ? I’d rather not Get in the middle of a dispute but will gladly pick up and ship. PM me if necessary. Mods has my personal info since 2013 or before. Gosh time flys. Woops. I just noticed how old this thread was.
  13. Looks like the list made it but somehow the colors didn’t. Just fyi
  14. I know there’s a breakdown of the colors somewhere Greg. Could it be linked or copied/pasted on that page? Otherwise, nice. It’s cool to be able to have a one page directory of sorts.
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