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  1. AndrewJohn

    Get Back

    I need to stop drinking..., I fell asleep 10 minutes into the first one... I didn't go crazy for the Beatles back then..., or now. I like a lot of their music and can listen to it but am not rabid about any of it. Like @BarryG, My tastes were, and are, still much broader. I'll watch it, so I can check it off, and know what it's all about, but won't watch it twice.
  2. Oh, and don't forget the "Stihl" (back-wall spare unit)... LoL. Stihl is the sharpest tool in my shed, too, wouldn't/couldn't live without it. Seriously, love it, nice system. Something about an R2R center-piece that gives a gear set-up unique character. (I have an Akai in the middle of my main rig.)
  3. Happy Birthday, Rod..., you deserve all you get! 😉
  4. Not heard today, but have heard in the past..., that quote followed by "use your left hand.! LoL 😉
  5. Rock On @Rockster. Happy Birthday! Elvis wishes you a happy birthday too, from somewhere in Vegas.
  6. I don't need to move it out of the way, that takes too much time. I'll just work around it. What's the worst that could happen?
  7. Final Lawn Mow..., leaves mulched..., put up the Massey Ferguson, and get out the Snow Blower.

  8. Welcome, @Dhorvat. Glad you found us. When you can, please post pics of your gear ! We love pictures. What Carver units do you have today? Glad to have you here - stay a while and enjoy the Carver energy here.
  9. Welcome @Charles May, glad you found us. Welcome to the Carver Party...,
  10. Ditto, Rob. Thank you!
  11. What's the back-story on the pedestals the Maggies sit on? Interesting...., do they raise the stage? ...influence the sound? or just cosmetic?
  12. welcome to the site, @mjb112, glad you found us. Lots of threads on integrating lots of varieties of gear, here..., the SEARCH function is pretty powerful, and offers Boolean operators to help you narrow down your search. However, it's an art, AND the permutations are endless, in this hobby. Share a little about your system, components, and what you are trying to assemble, and there may be some wisdom from a member that can help directly. Do this by starting a new thread in a category that is close to what you are doing..., Amps, Pre's, AV's, Processors, etc. The si
  13. Watched this from Amazon Studios, last night. slow at first, but once you settle in, it unfolds..., having gone through similar things the main character goes through, both literally and figuratively (not for writing down here)..., this movie kept me up most of the night thinking about it, and reliving my own casket-side experience. One can and likely will pick up widely varying and different messages - depending on your perspective and experience. I do think it is worth watching, if nothing else, to get more people thinking, who have forgot. Starring Steve Carell, Laurence Fish
  14. When I think about updating/refreshing my Polk SDA-1C speakers' crossovers..., I have the same feeling that arrests me in my tracks before I spend a few hundred dollars on caps and components and what not..., just send the crossovers out, have the guy that did 100s of these with volume-purchased components, and be done with it..., I still have yet to do that..., so the SDAs sit.
  15. Oooh nice. Like the black. Saw another on Ebay of the gold face, at $1295..., a few dings and scratches. Conrad Johnson EV-1 Tube Phono Preamplifier Stage | eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/333750116741 One drawback, from reading the reviews, is that to change the settings, for different cartridges, you have to open it up, and set DIP switches..., so if you swap cartridges a lot, or have multiple headshells with different carts, it's a PITA..., not everyone does that, though, so the Ron Popeil approach works for many - "Set It and Forget It." Very interested in your revi
  16. Wow, that's a nice set up. You really do fit in with this group. And, when it comes to LEDs, just like music, it's personal preference. Red is cool.
  17. What brings you to Curaçao? Work? What do you do there?
  18. WOW! @boris279, you are going to fit right in here! WELCOME WELCOM WELCOME !! You have gear many of us have, or have had. Please post pictures. Do you have the gear with you in Curaçao? Having your Carver Gear can prevent homesickness ! So I've come to understand. When you get a chance, post a picture of your gear! We love pictures. Welcome, glad you found us!
  19. Welcome to the site, @JayGilb. A lot of regulars, and semi-regulars here as members, Hoping you become a long-term / life-time regular, and get old with us telling stories and lies. Great bunch of folks here - all have one thing in common..., OCCD..., Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder. ..., Oh, and we LOVE pictures of systems..., please post a picture of your gear when you can. BTW, where do you hail from in Wisconsin? I'm just south of the border in IL. A few of us live in Wisconsin. WELCOME !
  20. Guys, and Gals..., Please put some good prayer vibes out for our friend Barry..., He's going through Chemo hell..., not fun. Needs our thoughts and prayers. All we have.
  21. Is this new? Or am I just noticing it? At the top of the screen, when not scrolled to the top of the screen, there's a fly-down menu that pops when the mouse pointer goes to the top edge of the browser window that gives these 5 options... (I think...) One is to go to the home login page at login, another goes to unread?, another goes to groups..., The last one seems to be broken..., dead link, but the flyout when pointer hovers, says it's the "Leaderboard"..., Is it new? Or am I just now seeing it?
  22. Happy Birthday @BrianD - Make it one you'll remember!
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