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  1. If you are about my age..., (guess)..., and you went to a lot of bars in your early 20's, and saw a lot of bands try to do Stones and Zeppelin..., you heard a lot of bad, maybe really bad, covers... Compare that memory, to Miley and her band doing Black Dog... Huge difference... much better..., (plus a production and show, around it).
  2. Like her or not..., Miley Cyrus has incredible vocal range, and talent across multiple genre's. This cover is as haunting as the original..., From the Howard Stern show, cover starts at about 2:20 if you are impatient... Here's a live version..., Miley with her band. It shows the vocals starting an octave higher, in contrast with the video above on Howard Stern..., "her vocal range..." just scary good.
  3. Oh Yea, this is going to be a great Birthday, for sure. Happy Birthday, Will @Will Meyer. Elvis has not left the building for this party !!
  4. Youza, Have a Happy Birthday @peck555 , and make it one to remember...
  5. Very Cool Idea - one that I have been pondering for years. Don't forget to take into consideration that TT's need to be perfectly level (you have carpet under that extended shelf)... I'm not trying to be a PITA - just dealing with a few TT issues, myself, that are very specific and corrected by leveling. And, thought I'd mention it in case you might encounter some of the same issues. I've always wanted a shelf idea like that..., and was approaching it with some of the super heavy-duty drawer-slide hardware now available for hard-core use (like that in draw
  6. That is an exceptionally accurate description of a Grateful Dead concert..., When I lived in Marin, CA for 20 years, these people lived that life, every day, I hired and worked with a lot of them - fun persona to manage. The Bay Area was a Dead Head haven. Go out to Mill Valley, Larkspur, or further to Inverness, or any of the far-West Marin Burroughs, and it's like leaving the country.
  7. I've lost track..., may have been all the alcohol back in the day..., most of my early concerts were of the "Bar Scene" type. But one summer was filled with early experience concerts including Boston, REO Speedwagon, Journey, Van Halen... when "Arena Rock" was not yet called "Arena Rock." Saw Journey in the round, as well as Boston, both at the domed "Assembly Hall" on the campus of University of Illinois - now called "State Farm Center" Most memorable was getting lucky and seeing Muddy Waters at his namesake bar called "Muddy Watters," on Lacledes Landing in St Louis
  8. Celebrate Good Time !! Have a good B'day! Happy Happy !
  9. WOW, that's a nice system. I agree with @B-Man, give that TT it's proper place..., 😉
  10. Got to www.JimClarkStereo.com Jim Clark Stereo , here in Rockford, IL, USA. Jim is a member here, and a super great guy. He's a personal friend of Bob Carver's, and a dealer for the current line of Carver Tube Amps. I know he ships all over the world, successfully. Contact him through the contact-page on that website..., ask about what it takes to ship a 275 to Australia... He's a straight shooter, and will give you facts. Then, you will precisely know what you have to save up for..., and it won't feel like the lottery ! 😉
  11. Welcome to the site. We LOVE pictures ! I have the Marantz 5014, and it gets wonky when hot..., I run it through carver amps, using it only as an AV preamp.
  12. Have a nice vacation. But keep your phone on and with you, I will be calling you.
  13. I'm not sure if Bob Carter was the first to say this..., I say it every day... (usually to myself as I walk away...)
  14. Rock this Birthday !! Happy Happy.
  15. Happy Birthday !! Make it a good one, @vinylnut.
  16. I'm pretty sure many hear that quote nightly... 😉 Followed by this quote: "See, no one ever regrets it, afterwards..., I don't know why I resisted. "
  17. See, and you worry about waking the neighbors with your chain saw..., next door they started at 7:00AM.
  18. Nice set-up..., like that sliding barn-door hardware on your cabinet. What speakers are you driving with which amps in this rig?
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