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  1. Rock this Birthday !! Happy Happy.
  2. Happy Birthday !! Make it a good one, @vinylnut.
  3. I'm pretty sure many hear that quote nightly... 😉 Followed by this quote: "See, no one ever regrets it, afterwards..., I don't know why I resisted. "
  4. See, and you worry about waking the neighbors with your chain saw..., next door they started at 7:00AM.
  5. Nice set-up..., like that sliding barn-door hardware on your cabinet. What speakers are you driving with which amps in this rig?
  6. Tell us more about Pi-Hole?
  7. Read that yesterday, too..., good one. Sparked some interest to try it (again...) LoL. My quote for the day: "No $4!t, there's definitely a leak when you lose 1" an hour."
  8. No problem, I'll clean it up with a Swiffer.
  9. "Oh, it won't be ready until Monday, parts are on order."
  10. Welcome @Brent U - this IS the Carver Place to be.
  11. Like your stereo HiFi gear, I recommend separates... Get a Cable modem to drop that dang rental fee, and then consider what kind of WiFi router and Switches (for more ethernet-cable-connected devices) for your printers, and smart appliances..., etc. Others are really loving these modular "mesh" systems, like "Orbi" - especially if you like everything to be wifi... (I have a lot of trouble with that, and devices getting forgotten... so I like wired devices, whenever possible). Brands are like religion..., I have used many of them, over the past two decades, Aires, Cisco, ... a lon
  12. Welcome. This IS the place. Love to see pics of your rig..., when you have time.
  13. Barry, you've got this. 🙏
  14. Here's a link to the current Ortofon 2M 78 True Mono cartridge. Ortofon 2M 78 true mono cartridge
  15. I never wanted to use my "good" cartridge on records that were not designed for the cartridge..., I.e, modern cartridges since the LP came out, it seems to me, were perfected for 33rpm LP recordings... For me, I found an Orofon Black 78 - i.e., a Modern Cartridge, designed to work well on 78rpm records. It sounds great - to me..., My parents gave me their collection of 78's, which, it turns out, have some very rare original recordings. Opera, Symphony, etc. Names like Caruso..., in all their "original" glory. They don't sound bad..., in fact, quite good
  16. "Don't you look at me! ... We ALL saw YOU tilt up!"
  17. @zumbini - miss the "oracle" of all things Carver. and, @fill35U - Wonder how his dozen's of PT-2400's came out in that massive rack he was building. The ebb, and flow, gotta' get more flow., less ebb.
  18. Happy Birthday @Dadvw. Who knew..., your birthday landed on ALL CAPS DAY! (seriously true story...) This means you can SHOUT in all your Text Messages and on Social Media..., and no one can complain ! 😉
  19. @Papajoe Curiosity is high now! 😉 Great Update. Autodesk Fusion..., cool stuff, and a new CNC machine..., I think we need a picture ! CNC machines of many types are becoming house-hold items in mechanically inclined home-owners..., There are at least 3 in my neighborhood - along with a dozen additive manufacturing machines (3D Printers...). Imagine what articles Popular Mechanics would be publishing these days !
  20. Very Nice, Kevin. what speakers were taking that power?
  21. Are you sure it is the C-19, and not the amp? I dunno, but the symptoms sound (to me, and I'm no Tech...) like a relay in the amp. Others more savvy than I can pipe in w/r/t the C-19 making a Pop. My C19 doesn't do that.
  22. Do Tell, ... how did you come upon these? CL, Ebay, FB Marketplace..., garage sale..., There has to be a story or two in there !!! Great to see you have collected your dream system. Do post a picture or two, when you have it set up... Love that term "minimal magenta." My C-19 has that pantone too ! LoL 😉 What speakers?
  23. Say, @Papajoe, how did the Blacksmith Shop fair..., are you still out there hammering and welding? Any new art to share? I found that I have been exceptionally productive the past 15-16 months in getting creative work/projects completed..., unfortunately, each completed project opens the imagination up for a dozen more! The list grows exponentially, with each completion.
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